I made a giant leap toward my dream with the help of align27!

I am forever grateful to align27 for distilling this ancient wisdom into practical tools for success and helping me to land by dream job by optimizing each of my intentional actions with the Golden Moments and Rituals in the app. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
It has changed my life.

Being able to connect my emotions and state of mind to the planets and to know that there is a higher power operating our lives and planning accordingly has made my life so easy. I love the rituals that help me overcome tough times. I never do anything without looking at the app.
Excellent and just what I needed.

I love timing things or being aware of time, what the sky is doing, etc, and this app is a great one to have for that! I also love the Profile section as it is extremely informative and innovative!
Awesome app.

This app provides detailed and subjective insight because you input your birth date, location and time, rather than it being just general horoscopes. My experience using align27 has been great so far and it’s pretty accurate and spot on about how my days are going.
The perfect app.

This app makes excellent recommendations for spiritual growth.
Thank you for your continued work!
A. Carter
Great for planning your life

Giving categories to the types of day (Green, Red and Amber) is really useful. I have found it to be so accurate that I really can plan things according to what the app tells me. I use it as a daily check-in guide.
Amazing app!

The daily insights it gives me are sooooo accurate! It has so many great features and tells you when the good and favorable days are according to your own chart! I love align27.