Have you noticed that sometimes you’re able to knock things off your
to-do list without any issues and sometimes, however hard you try,
things just drag on and on? Many of us will be able to relate to this.

Sometimes, when we are in the “zone” our focus and productivity are
at its peak and during those moments, things just flow without much
effort. And there are times when our efforts seem to be futile and no
matter how hard we try, it just makes the situation worse.

The secret is in the cosmos.

Without even being aware of it, sometimes just by luck or chance, we
are in tune with the cosmic rhythm and sometimes we are out of tune or sync.

So how does this work?

Based on our time of birth each of us has a certain planetary
configuration. It’s almost like a snapshot of the sky at the very moment
we were born and this is what is referred to as our birth chart.

Since then everything in the sky keeps changing, the planets keep
moving, and this movement, with reference to our own birth chart,
creates a certain rhythm. Once we become aware of this rhythm we can easily sync ourselves with it.

There are times when the cosmic rhythm supports productivity and
focus, and there are times when it supports silence and ease.

Sometimes it’s all about activity, whereas at other times it’s about rest and regeneration. Believe it or not, we all go through cycles of activity, rest, relaxation and regeneration almost every day – sometimes we are naturally aligned with the cosmos and sometimes we are not when we are not is when we may be unproductive, tired, lethargic or frustrated.

In Astro-speak…

The key factors that influence throughout the day are
Dina (Vedic Day), Hora (Vedic Hour), Tithi (Lunar day), Karana (Half lunar day), Nakshatra that the moon transits, Yoga (Angle between the Sun and the Moon), Lagna (Rising Sign), Configuration of the planets in the sky currently, Pachapakshi (Secret science of the Siddhas), Panchak (5 blemishes)

The permutation combination of the above-mentioned factors affects us at a deeper level throughout the day.

The good news is that you do not have to understand any of this to succeed!

We have created an artificial intelligence platform called align27,
which crunches thousands of ancient Jyotish algorithms to figure this
out for you and deliver it to you in a really easy to understand manner.

Based on this you can use the align27 app to do the following things:

1. How Favorable Is Your Day – Green, Amber or Red?

Green Day

A world-first cosmic traffic light system to help you determine how ‘favourable’ your day will be, to make daily decisions and plan ahead.

2. Planner

Utilise your time by doing things at the right time and avoiding things at the right time, planning for difficult moments ahead of time and maneuvering events, to do lists and work calendar entries to maximise your time.

3. The world’s first Timeline Graph


When you wake up in the morning just go through the graph to identify the key moments when it’s upwards and the moments when it is really low and based on that you can plan how you go about your day and what activities you want to do during every phase.

4. Key Moments


Golden Moments – There are some moments in a day where the favorability from the planets is at its peak you can use these moments to do the most important activities of the day.

Productive moments – These are moments where you have a natural tendency to stay focused and get things done.

Silence moments -These are moments where it’s good to lay low and keep things simple and do your routine mundane tasks. Avoid important communication if possible during this time.

5. Rituals and Remedies

As much as we all would love to be in total alignment with the cosmos our lifestyle does not support that. It is at these times the rituals and remedies come handy. We have an entire section of rituals you can do on a daily basis. These rituals are real time and they change based on the planetary movements. So if you have important things to do during your lay low moments you can do the things mentioned in the rituals section and then proceed with faith.

But always remember that our free will is stronger than everything. Use the app as guidance and we are very sure in 3 days you will notice a considerable difference in your approach to everyday life.

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