The 3 Basic Groups Used in Astrology

  1. The Planets are the energy sources with specific meanings and rule over certain things and events in the physical world.
  2. The Signs are the personality and strength of the planets. Each planet is in a sign.
  3. The Houses are the divisions of the time and space of a chart. Each house will govern over a certain area of life.
Today we’ll look at the Houses The houses are the framework and experience of life. Every human experience falls into a category of a house. And there is a pattern or order as we pass through these experiences from birth to death. When we understand the order of the life cycles the Universe begins to make sense. There are twelve houses in a chart. Each house defines a different area of life. A thorough understanding of what each house means, will give your analysis great depth and accuracy. Each house is 30 degrees, so is a sign. The houses in Vedic astrology contain the whole sign. The degree of the ascendant (lagna), the sign rising on the eastern horizon at birth, will be contained within the first house. Since each sign has a ruling planet, the planet that rules the sign contained in the house will be the ruler (lord) of that house. The planets possess certain qualities relative to the houses that they rule. The ruler of a house and the house it resides in determines how the indications for that house will manifest in life. The house position of the ruling planet will link the meanings of these houses. The ruling planet will always carry the meaning of the house/houses it rules. An example would be the ruler of the fifth house in the ninth, giving the mind (fifth house) spiritual tendencies (ninth house). See which planets rule the houses in your birth chart on the align27 app

1st – Birth of the Self

The 1st house extends its hands through all the other houses as it manifests through all these other life experiences.

It is actually the experience of the individual, self (1st house) through life (all the other houses). So the self or the 1sthouse is lived through the other houses. This is the person’s evolution through life or the process of living life through life’s experiences.

The 1st house is considered the most important house of the chart for no other houses could exist without the 1st house initiating the entire horoscope. It is the house of the individual and is the beginning of life and entrance into the world. It sets up the entire chart and depending on the sign that is rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth it determines the entire life experiences, and who the person is.

It will concern the entire person’s physical make up, such as the way a person looks, their personality and physical health. It is how the world views or sees you. The sign or planets in this house will add to the color or expression you extend outward to the world.

Keywords: Physical body, stature of body, limbs of the body, constitution, ego, personality, appearance, self, character, entrance into the world, birth, head.

2nd – Self Worth and Wealth

This is the house of material wealth we have acquired on our own. Early childhood and domestic happiness fall into this domain as well. Strong values give a sense of self worth and confidence. This is figuratively our vision or how we see things, as well as our physical eyesight. It is what goes into and out of our mouth pertaining to the things we ingest such as foods, drinks and speech.

The 2nd house pertains to our early childhood following our birth. This involves all areas of family experience in life. It is the house of family happiness, which actually conditions the ability to have a happy family environment. Because early childhood and family environment takes in a vast array of life’s experiences this house can combine many aspects of human life and existence.

This house pertains to our ability to find protection and security from the world or earthly experiences. It indicates money and finances in terms of life comforts, our ability to make money and is also about our sense of self worth.

The 2nd house is our income, the 6th house is our working conditions and daily matters, and the 10th house is our career and the pursuit of happiness through our work.

This is the house that pertains to what we consume through our mouth and can determine if we eat healthy or unhealthy foods, if someone consumes toxins and poisons such as drugs and alcohol. It also pertains to our voice and the ability to express through the voice. Communication skills are a part of the 3rd house and the 2nd house, and overlap when pertaining to matters of speech and communications.

The 2nd house also rules your ability to see, as in physical eyesight and difficult planets here can cause problems with vision. This can be taken figuratively as well, for someone may not have a vision for themselves or cannot see their life easily.

What can be surmised through the analysis of this house is that it essentially concerns our sense of self esteem and self worth, whether you are looking at early childhood, money, our face, voice, family, weight problems, vision and our smile.

Keywords: Early childhood, domestic life, food or substances ingested, drinking habits, education, wealth, money, voice, speech, face, teeth, neck, vision in general, right eye in particular.

3rd – Will Power and Communications

The core meaning of the 3rd house is communications – getting information across. It is our communicative skills of all kinds particularly with writing. Communications today involve television, radio, mail, smartphones, laptops and the internet. Since the 3rd house rules the hands this insinuates writing and skills like crafts and hobbies.

It rules all forms of the arts such as painting, sculpture, sewing, theatre and music. It is short trips particularly by car. It is our will power, courage and competitive drive. Last but not least, our siblings, especially the youngest one.

The house most indicated for willpower and courage is the third, often one of the most overlooked of houses. It is the house that gives the most power for change. It is the house of competition where challenging planets, especially Mars, can deliver more drive to accomplish one’s goals.

The 3rd house is a powerhouse, meaning it deals with the ability to make things happen through pure raw will power. Will power has to come from a burning drive and desire felt deep within.

Teaching is a 3rd house matter and through the power of teaching we share our information and connect through the mind to others.

Since it rules the hands and it is a house of creating. This is the house of writing and self-expression through this form of communication. The 3rd house is the initiator of creativity through the mind – thoughts and action, and this comes through communications as well. The arts are a form of communication as in drawing, painting, music, writing or drama. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The 3rd house is creativity particularly using the hands.

Keywords:Courage, life force, arts of all kinds, theater, directors, painting, drawing, music, writing, sports, travel, hobbies, father in law, younger siblings, sibling rivalry,lower education, success through own efforts, initiative, motivation, adventures, competition, sales, voice, all forms of communication, hearing in general and the right ear in particular, hands, shoulders, arms, and lungs..

4th – Happiness and Security

The core meaning of the 4th house is security. Without a sense of security we are extremely troubled and full of fear. The temporal things of this world that give a sense of security are the things ruled by the 4th house.

The 4th house is the mother and the security her nurturing nature provides. It is our home and real estate or any fixed assets such as any vehicles, cars, boats or airplanes.

It is happiness which comes from a deep soul-felt sense of security. Without security you feel like any minute the carpet could be ripped out from under you. Unfortunately we will always feel insecure about our existence, for nothing here lasts forever therefore, this realization creates an innate fear.

This is the house of end of life. It also rules the degrees we attain such as masters and doctorates. It is also the house of the heart, physically as well as figuratively.

The 4th house is about our mind in terms of emotional conditioning. Emotional conditioning determines our outlook on life and will ultimately determine the result of our life.

Keywords:All fixed assets, real estate, home, land and farming, cars, vehicles, masters degrees or doctorates, the masses, state of mind, happiness, passions, emotions, matters of the heart, security, fear of security being threatened, things that are permanent or lasting forever, the soul, endings, past, conditions at the end of life, heredity and genes, mother, breast, physical heart.

5th – Inspiration of Creative Expression

The basic core meaning of the 5th house is the creative mind. It is our mind that enables us to grow consciously, rationalize and make sense of this life. It is true intelligence, exhibiting true common sense. It relates to things we manifest or create. These creations are externalized through ourselves and lives beyond ourselves. This includes children or art.

This is the house of leadership, as being an advisor or in politics. Those who have the wisdom have power and leadership through a mighty 5th house.

This is the house of astrology because it is the house of advisors, for the astrologers were the advisors to the kings in ancient times. Astrology is mythology, psychology, mathematics, geometry, physics, and astronomy. It also rules our spiritual practices.

The 5th house is talent. This involves creativity and the mental process that is involved in being creative.

To create is to be inspired to project something outside of ourselves that outlives us. This is the 5th house. This can take place in the form of art, writing, children or inventions.

It is the house of fun and entertainment. The energy that exudes from someone in a mental framework of fun and excitement breeds more optimism and fun.

This is the house of love and love interests, opening the heart. It is the excitement of love and love interests but the 7th house is the house of commitments, and contracts, which have to do with agreements. But the 5th house is the house of falling in love.

This is the house of intelligence and the mind. This house gives the ability to understand concepts and ideas that are behind the creative principal. It is the natural intelligence (street smart/common sense).

Keywords: True intelligence, the mind, children, abortions, creativity, good karma received in this lifetime, sense of destiny, ability to see the future, morals, pleasure, romance, fun, speculation, lotteries, entertainment, sports, generosity, spiritual rituals, kings or politics, heart.

6th – Health and Overcoming Obstacles

The core representation of the 6thhouse is how we improve our self and our life. This entails our health and work. It is the house of service and therefore, pertains to all vocations concerning service.

It is a house of self-improvement for it is the house that can determine our habits in terms of healthy or unhealthy habits. It rules our health in general and how we take care of ourselves.

The main meaning of the 6th house is health so it involves the capacity to be fit and healthy but can also be the house of illness and sickness. It represents the immune system and constitution as to illness or disease.

This is the house of work and enables us to make a living to supply money for our family. But the 10th house is for the career, life’s duty that gives our lives purpose and meaning.

The 6th house determines our day-to-day activities of work. It can involve a competitive edge with co-workers since this house has a reference to competition.

Pets and animals come under the 6th house because they actually do a service for us by protecting our homes and property or providing love and attention.

This house pertains to difficult situations that require a struggle to overcome. This is the house of enemies, which can come in the form of legal battles such as law suites.

The 6th house is the house of service and rules over all areas of service and healing professions, such as doctors, nurses, restaurants, flight attendants, firefighters, rehabilitation workers, policemen, waitresses or maids. It involves any service you provide for others. This is the house that gives one the need to want to help others so it involves councilors and therapists.

Keywords: Health, habits, pets, employees, service, improvement, fitness facilities, food, restaurants, debts, lawsuits, enemies, challenges from competitors, thieves and robberies, police, military, attacks, accidents, acute illnesses, disease, medical profession, intestines.

7th – Commitment and Sharing Life

The core indicator of the 7th house is our relationships that are partnerships. Technically these relationships are contractual, figuratively and literally. This includes our marriage partner and our business partnerships. Because it is the house of business partnerships it is a house that will indicate career and profession in business.

The 7th house indicates one-on-one relationships, which make up our commitments. It is about learning to share. Most especially, it is about sharing your life with another. Sharing takes a certain amount of compromise and balancing. Relationships give us a sense of wholeness and completion, in the sense that someone understands and supports us.

The 7th house represents the kind of people we attract in marriage. Marriage is a commitment to another to live the rest of your life together.

Keywords: Relationships, marriage, business and business partnerships, contractual agreements, sexual passions, courts, open enemies, divorce, residence in foreign lands, impotency, desire, kidneys.

8th – Surrender and Transformation

The core meaning of the 8th house is change and transformation. All the other meanings steam off of this basis. Death just happens to be the most major transformation we make in a lifetime. This is the house of birth and death. A transformation always means something dies to a new life. This can refer to endings that make way for new beginnings in our life.

The deviations that are attributed to the 8th house such as obsessions, addictions, and compulsions come from our inability to change. We become fixated and resist the inevitable changes.

Control over other people comes through money, power and sex. These are the vices of the 8th house. Feelings of disgrace and shame come from the abuses of these issues for it is a true sign of weakness to feel the need to control others. The more you try to be in control the more out of control you become. This is exemplified in eating disorders. So, the key to the 8th house is surrender. This is what is necessary to allow change and transformation.

The 8thhouse is the most misunderstood house of all. It is simply the house of transformation, but the price of such transformation is very difficult for most. It is necessary to undergo a kind of death process in order to transform the self. This means that we need to totally surrender our need to be in control. The more one tries to be in control, the more out of control one becomes.

The 8thhouse pertains to control and power. The ways we feel a sense of control and power comes from three areas. They are the most taboo conversational topics: money, sex and death. It is uncomfortable to discuss these subjects, for they are a part of the secretive side. On a personal note you would not normally discuss your bank account, sexual experiences, or death. We are lead to believe that money and sex prevents one from attaining spiritual enlightenment. The fear of death controls how we live our life.

Keywords: Death, transformations, change, surrender, control and manipulation, power struggles, mafia, underworld, dark side, secrets, investigation and private investigators, getting to the bottom of things, uncovering the truth, research, study of metaphysics, obsessions, disgrace, scandals, bankruptcy, obstacles, misfortunes, accidents, surgery, length of life, inheritances or money from others such as wills, insurance policies or tax returns, monetary gains from partner, spiritual practices, mediums, intuition, psychic abilities, chronic and long-term sickness, sexual diseases, reproductive organs, elimination organs, life force.

9th – Truth and Judgment

The 9th house’s core meaning is our beliefs. One of the main things misunderstood in this world is the power of our beliefs. The 9th house is the house of our spirituality and this is based on our belief system. They say if you can change the way you think, you can change your life. Your thinking is based on your beliefs about yourself and your world. With strong faith and positive beliefs you can create a more fortunate life.

As the 9th house pertains to truth it also indicates the law whether it is spiritual truth, which pertains to the law of nature, or man made laws to contain order and peace on the planet. So the 9th house is about the legal process and the laws of the land such as government laws, lawyers and judges. A powerful 9th house can indicate someone who goes into law as a profession. It is the house of justice and judgment. Any laws that organize governments and keep regulations are a part of the 9th house process so it concerns immigration and naturalization of a country.

The 9th house is the house of spiritual teaching. It is the house of high-minded teaching that defines who we are in a spiritual reference.

The most powerful revelation that is so freeing of the 9th house is the fact that we have the power of choice or free will. This is why this is the house of luck and fortune because we can become our own masters in the ability to actually choose our fate through free will.

As the 9th house is the house of teachers, gurus, and the father it relates to those who give guidance in life. Our father is the one who is the head of the family and provides guidance for the family and particularly the children. The guru is thought to be a spiritual teacher that is all knowing and can provide wisdom to understand life and how to make important decisions. The guru and father are known to provide important guidance in life.

The 9th house is the house of college and higher learning, teachers or professors associated with this academic process. This house determines the experience and opportunities of college. It can indicate any form of higher learning that is beyond high school.

The 9th and 3rd house are both about travel, but the 3rd house is short distant travels and the 9th house concerns long distant travels. Sometimes travels concern spiritual pilgrimages, for the 9th house confers a sense of learning and expansion of our awareness through travel.

Keywords: Spirituality, beliefs, gurus, father, fortune, luck, long travels, pilgrimages or journeys to gain spiritual knowledge, teaching, teachers, colleges of higher learning, publications, law and lawyers, hips and thighs.

10th – Career and Purpose

The core meaning of the 10th house is our sense of achievement and this usually comes through a career or profession that gives a sense of purpose. This is the house of our public or social standing in the world.

It is the house of fame, being publicized for the work you have achieved. This is the house of the sum accumulation of our efforts working towards a goal.

The 10th house indicates the ability to make money and provide, but it becomes the most powerful house in terms of social standing and gives the ability to be successful in the career.

This is the house of one’s career. The career in life represents the purpose in life. Career is an important part of life because this is where we spend most of our time. This house can determine the state of someone’s mind since so much time is involved in one’s work.

This is the house of the highest awards and achievements in life and indicates leaders as in Kings, Presidents or the CEO of a company.

This is the house that indicates our bosses or authority figures, and also represents the government since this is the rulership that dictates or rules over much of the needs in terms of the country.

This is the most powerful house for a sense of achievement and power. It is about our highest sense of achievement, and recognition, notoriety and personal acclaim. It is about achieving our goals through our work, Honors and awards for achievement come when positive planets transit through this house.

Keywords: Career, social position, fame, honors, purpose, government, authority figures, presidents, bosses, wealth of the father, knees.

11th – Hopes and Dreams

The 11th house’s core issue is desire. It is the result of our materialistic desires. Our ultimate desires. It is the house that brings great gains and wealth. This house deals with money that comes in large sums. It multiplies the things represented by the planets placed here.

It also rules friends, groups, communities, associations and humanitarian efforts. Our friends are our way of validating ourselves through someone outside ourselves thus gives us a feeling of connection, something we all need. Socializing with others that have the same interest gives us a sense of belonging. This can be a very political house on a higher level. It is the organizational ability of groups and people. It rules the eldest sibling as well.

The 11th house and sign bring out our humanitarianism, and our desire to be in touch with the greater whole of humankind. This includes groups and organizations where people can feel connected and share common interests.

The 11thhouse is the most advanced of the air signs, it concerns the highest of values and aspirations. This pertains to our hopes, wishes and desires, which has to do with the power this house has to grant great gains. The fact that this house is about friends, organizations involving people means our wishes, dreams or gains comes from the involvement of other people. This is the house of powerful and affluent people.

Keywords: Great gains, attainment of desires, gains from profession, wealth, money that comes in large amounts, money from side ventures, friends, groups, organizations, humanitarians, eldest sibling, left ear, ankles.

12th – Escape and Endings

The core essence of this house is letting go of this world. It is termed the house of loss, but it is actually the escape from the attachments and resentments of this world. It rules any form of escape from this world.

There are many ways we detach or escape from this world; life in an ashram, a prison, hospital, retreat, vacation, movies, imagination, meditation, sleep and ultimately death. The 12th house rules all these things.

It also rules the vast frontiers beyond this world dealing with the vastness of space. The 12th house has no boundaries. It is related to the number 12 signifying completion. When resentments are released, forgiveness frees our soul and love and compassion is realized. These are the gifts of the 12thhouse.

The 12thhouse is the merging with the oneness, not the separation felt in the earthly world. This can be seen as the sexual experience (bed pleasures) as merging with another as one.

The higher side of this house relates to connecting to the collective unconscious. It is our involvement with charitable organizations. It also rules foreign things and countries, which are things and people beyond our boundaries.

The 12th house rules ways we leave or escape the world. There are many ways we temporarily leave our everyday routine. The unconscious ways we create an escape are hospitals and prisons. Sometimes we need a break from life and films, movies, daydreaming, sleep, and vacations give relief. An escape from the past and confines of the environment may take one to foreign countries.

The 12th house indicates behind the scenes or the areas that are hidden from the world, a place of solitude, behind closed doors. It is our private selves. It is our past and remembering past experiences that relate to us through emotions and feelings, nostalgia, reminiscing, and remembering are represented by the 12th.

Keywords: Loss, suffering, final liberation, sleep, death, endings, confinement (such as prison), hospitals, spiritual liberation, release of all attachments, release of resentments, forgiveness, places of retirement and escape, ashrams, films and movies, foreigners and foreign countries, misfortune, secret enemies, expenditures, charities, comforts of the bed, watery places, sea or ocean, outer space, beyond boundaries, feet, left eye.

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