So, here at align27 HQ we all have a 5 min morning ritual that we wanted to share with you.

All the best productivity books talk about spending a few minutes a day planning your day and more if you’ve got a busier day – to help prioritize your tasks and make sure you’ve created reasonable and manageable to-do lists.

But what no one has quite nailed yet – is this:

You’ve got your to-do list sorted, you’ve prioritized everything so you know what you need to work through and you’ve got your laptop and phone at the ready – so, in theory, everything you need to get through your day is set – but is it?

What if you knew exactly WHEN to do the tasks, so 1, you get things done quicker because the planets are supporting you and 2, you have a better chance of getting the best results out of them, again, because the planets are supporting you.

Well, you can! 5 mins on the align27 app each morning, we can help you work out the best time to do things, when not to do things and when you literally should sleep, meditate or watch TV – i.e do nothing important and try not to communicate with anyone as words could get misinterpreted.

It’s not entirely true, as some of the best productivity books might suggest, that by clearing your to-do’s first thing, you’ll have free time and headspace for the rest of the day – we could quite literally, be wasting our precious time doing that – so here’s what we suggest:

The 5 Minute Ritual

  1. Open the align27 app
  2. From the home screen at the top, you can see if overall the day is Green, Amber or Red.
  3. Take a quick snapshot look at the graph below to see the highs and lows timings for your day and make a mental note.
  4. Go down to Golden Moments – these are the times you’ll want to write down. You’ll have between 1 and 6 time periods that you can jot down. This is when you’ll want to do the most important things you need to do in order to get the best outcome.
  5. Scroll to the left and you’ll find your Productive Moments – do the same, write them down and these are the times you’ll want to get a majority of your ‘task’ based work done as it’s your action time.
  6. Scroll again to the left and write down your Silence Moments, this is not the time to be doing anything important really – save these moments for drafting (but not sending) emails, cleaning the house, meditating etc.Moments
  7. If you’ve got something important that you need to do during a Silence Moment then at least you’re aware that there could be obstacles around it so you are extra cautious going into that moment. You can also remedy the moment via the Rituals section of the app or even enhance a Golden Moment using rituals too.

This is essentially your 5-minute ritual in order to help you prioritize your tasks, movements, meetings, chores, and to-dos of the day.

A quick tip – if you’ve written the moments down somewhere and need reminding you can open Auro, our digital astrologer, and ask him ‘What’s Happening Now’ and he’ll tell you and better still, if you don’t have 5 mins and want the shorter 30 second ritual, then you can literally ask Auro to “Tell Me About My Day’ and he’ll summarise the bullets we’ve listed above for you and you can just take a screenshot of it!

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