6 Tips to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day

Sometimes, small things trigger our mood and sometimes big things happen and quite quickly turn our day from good to bad within milliseconds.

We might have missed our train and got into work late, or got stuck in traffic, or had a disagreement with someone. Or perhaps an important meeting that you’d been prepping for got canceled.

All these events affect our state of mind and impact how good a day we are having. There are astrological influences at play here.

In astrology, the placement and movement of the planets have great effect on our mind, relationships, mood, feelings, enthusiasm or lack of it, love and so on. Essentially, it affects every aspect of our life.

Hundreds of thousands of things are happening in the sky at any given moment. Fortunately, our ancient seers were able to decipher each planetary and cosmic movement that affect us and given us tips to soften or enhance its effects.

We’ve coded this wisdom into the align27 app so that at any given moment you can quickly see in a snapshot of how the sky above is influencing you right now.

You don’t need to study astrology for years or even understand it – we’ve decoded it into words that are simple and with guidance that’s easy to follow – try yourself.

1. Meditate on a Ruling Planet

Every hour of the day and every day is ruled by a planet and according to the nature of the ‘ruling’ planet, you can determine the ‘quality’ of that time period. So, the characteristics of any planet you’re seeking to align with can be activated during this time.

For example, if Sun is ruling the hour, you can simply meditate and within your meditation honor and respect it. If you’re having a bad day on a Wednesday for example, then whilst you meditate, honor and remember the planet Mercury.

(Monday – Moon, Tuesday – Mars, Wednesday – Mercury, Thursday – Jupiter, Friday – Venus, Saturday – Saturn and Sunday – Sun)

You can see which planet is ruling the hour or day on the align27 app.

2. Be Forgiving

On align27 we have an advanced traffic light system of Red, Amber or Green days. If you’re having a bad day and the app shows you that your day is Red, then it’s time to forgive yourself.

Go easy on the fact that you’re not feeling your 100%, because it’s not anything you’ve done or not done to make you feel this way, it’s likely that astrological influences are not in your favour.

And, remember, it won’t last forever, know that an Amber and Green day is lurking around the corner. Red days are great introspection days – days to take a check on yourself and to throw yourself into spiritual practices.

3. Chant Your Way Through It

Chanting has a significant impact on our nervous system. Your heart and breath come into sync with each other and result in a calmer and more balanced self.

This is a great way to uplift the spirit and to get you into a good mood. A simple and easy chant to begin with is ‘Om Namah Shivaya’, which you can chant silently or aloud 108 times. You can find this and other advanced ‘Mantras’ that you can chant on Japa 108, the Japa Counter and Tracking app.

4. Conduct a Personalized Ritual

4-150x150There are rituals that are generic and are good for everyone to do. But we’ve created a system that allows you to see rituals that are personalized for you. This means you have bespoke rituals in the align27 app based on your very own birth chart.

When you’re having a ‘moment’ or feeling a little low that day, you now have your own personal Vedic tool kit of go-to rituals to perform, some that take a few seconds to do and some that take a little bit longer.

5. What Goes Up Must Come Down (then go up again ;))

Without mountains we don’t get valleys, without The Joker, how would Batman be a super hero? The opposite gives value to the other side.

When we are having a bad day, knowing that not ALL of our days are ‘bad’ and knowing that even within a ‘bad’ day there are peaks and troughs, can be enough to settle our mind. We then become a little more accepting of the day we are having and this acceptance can instantly create a relief. (The timeline on the align27 app dashboard shows your
peaks and troughs of the day based on your birth chart.)

6. Use An Assistant

Use the ‘Assistant Mood Tracker’ in the align27 app, which gives you astrological reasons as to why you may be feeling angry, sad, worried, tired or restless – all contributing factors to you potentially having a ‘bad’ day.

Once you know the Astro reasons, you can start to track patterns of how you feel according to certain planetary positions and see the findings in a snapshot under the ‘Mood Analysis’ tab.

Try one or two of the above and you’ll notice that you have the power to turn your bad day into a good day.

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