How can we figure out your ABSOLUTE BEST moments in a day when you can go and rock the world?

We look at lots of different astrological methods and calculations in order to derive the best moments in a day for you, based on your own birth chart.

Panchangam, for example, determines the times of the day that are auspicious to perform tasks, and planetary transits, of course, influence our day greatly.

In align27, we use 1,000’s of algorithms to compute these ‘moments’.

Overall, based on various astrological methods it could be determined that your day is not favourable. However, when you break it down further there are certain moments in the day that can override these unfavourable effects of the day. This is what we call our ‘Golden Moments’.

You can find your Golden Moments for today, tomorrow and for any day this month on the align27 app and, if possible, plan your day so your most important activities are done during your Golden Moments.

This helps you leverage off the cosmic power that is prevalent during that time.

Now for the astro-talk that gives examples of astrological combinations used to determine the Golden Moments.

For example, when a benefic (favourable) planet like Jupiter, Venus or Mercury is the rising sign (the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon during that moment), it has the power to destroy any malefic (unfavourable) influence at that given time.

Jupiter is seen as the most auspicious planet, followed by Venus and Mercury. 

Similarly, the period known as Abhijit Muhurta (the victory hour) also has the power to provide success, even if other malefic combinations are present during that time.

We also use another parameter called ‘Panchapakshi’, which is a secret optimal timing method used by the Siddhars (spiritual scientists) of Tamil Nadu. When your Panchapakshi shows ‘Succeed’ and when no other malefic influences are present, then it can be considered as a ‘Golden Moment’ also.

These and Hora, Tithis, Yogas, Lagna, Panchak amongst many others are all ancient systems used behind the scenes, to determine your Golden Moments.

But, the best thing is, we’ve done all the work for you and you don’t even need to understand it to know what your Golden Moment is – so take a look at the app now, find your Golden Moment and shine away.

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