The heart beats faster, the body trembles, nervousness and tension take over and the mind races, worrying about every possible outcome. We all have, to some degree, experienced anxiety and restlessness. For some, it can be as simple as pre-interview or exam nerves, whereas for others the fear and anxiety can turn to uncontrollable worry or panic attacks.

So what does astrology have to say about the cause of anxiety, and what remedies can we do to get on top of it?

Indications of Mental Health in a Chart

In our astrological birth chart we can look for indications of our innate tendency towards worry, depression and anxiety. Important planets to look at are the Moon, which signifies the mind and consciousness, and Mercury, which controls the nervous system and represents our logical and analytical intelligence.

Both these planets deal with our mental cognition and how our mind works. This is why, if you have the Moon and Mercury together in your chart, either in the same house or fully aspecting each other, you are likely to be prone to overthinking, and, due to a very strong memory, may find it difficult to let go of uncomfortable past memories.

In fact any planets that are in the same house or fully aspecting the Moon or Mercury can color the way your mind works. When the stern, disciplined planet Saturn sits with the Moon it can bring a serious nature and a tendency to feeling down or depressed, whereas Jupiter with the Moon or Mercury has more of a positive, optimistic effect. The conjunction of the Moon and Rahu can be challenging, as Rahu’s illusions turn to obsession, overthinking or paranoia.

Fears of the 8th House

The 8th house of your chart represents, amongst other things, the things that scare you, so it is from this house that fear can be seen. That is why it is also worth looking to see if the lord of the 8th house is aspecting Mercury or the Moon. This way you can check if the mind is under the influence of your fears.

It’s important to note, however, that an astrological chart is complex and no one factor can be analyzed in isolation. An expert astrologer can look at the details of your birth chart as well as the overall picture, to get a true understanding of your mental habits and tendencies.

Saturn and Rahu’s Effect on Anxiety

Restlessness and anxiety is caused when the Air element, or Vayu tattva, is imbalanced.

In astrology, Saturn and Rahu are the planets which represent Vayu tattva. When the energy of these two planets is not managed properly, it can create significant emotional turbulence, agitation and unrest, as these planets directly affect the Prana, or the life force energy.

If you observe carefully you will find that when you start to feel restless it will most likely be either during Saturn hora (hour) or during Rahu Kalam. Rahu Kalam is the inauspicious Rahu-ruled time period that lasts for around 90 minutes every day. You can find the time of Rahu Kalam in the Panchang add-on of align27, and discover which planet is ruling each hour in the Hora section.

The more you meditate and do your spiritual practices, the more you become aware of when this uneasy energy creeps in. And when it does, here are some practical remedies that you can do to manage the anxiety-causing energies of Saturn and Rahu.

Rituals for Anxiety and Restlessness

  1. Light an incense stick or dhoop – do this as soon as you feel you are getting restless.
  2. Slow walking – Walk as slow as possible, even if it is within your own home. Observe your breath while doing this.
  3. Chant the name of Rama, the renowned avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Maintainer – Honoring Rama is one of the best remedies for Saturn.
  4. Chant the mantra, ‘Om Vāyuputrāya Namaḥ’ – This mantra helps to remove restlessness and anxiety in the mind.
  5. Use the bija (seed) mantra, ‘Dum,’ to invoke the protective energy of the Warrior Goddess, Durga.

So next time you notice you are experiencing nervousness, anxiety or restlessness give these rituals a go. And remember to download the align27 app so you can check the ideal time to do them for best results.

Understanding the astrological influences that are impacting you daily helps you to stay calm and centered no matter how the cosmic weather is looking.

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