On June 21st, 2020 we will have a Solar Eclipse during which is a powerful time for meditation, contemplation, prayer, mantra chanting, japa, and other spiritual practices. It is a time to look within and tune yourself to spiritual vibrations.

The effects are not just on this day, but from the week before and going into the week after, you may feel its effect.

It is not a time to pursue materialism or to move home, get married or propose marriage. It is best to avoid asking for favours from people of importance or higher officials or conduct any major financial transactions.

Don’t use this time to make any important decisions and be careful of jumping to conclusions as it’s likely you’re not going to have the clarity for it or the right frame of mind – and may even regret it down the line.

During Eclipses avoid spending time with people who are negative and bring your energy down. Instead, associate yourself with people who uplift, are vibrant and positive – even if it’s just over the phone or Zoom.

The energies during the Eclipse are very strong, so feel positive and grateful for everything that you have in life rather than focusing on lack or what we do not have.

This Eclipse could bring along unnecessary suspicious feelings. So keep a check on them and don’t give them too much importance.

Be fluid and flexible about your opinions – see things from a different perspective and give benefit of doubt.

Do not venture out unless it is absolutely necessary.  

To know how this Eclipse could impact see the rituals section on align27 where you can also find local timings, duration and visibility.

  1. Avoid looking at the Moon. 
  2. Take a shower before and after the Eclipse. – don’t shower during the Eclipse. If you are unable to take a shower, take some water chant Aum Namah Shivaya three times and sprinkle it on your head.
  3. It is best to fast during the time of the Eclipse. 
  4. Do not eat food that is exposed to the Eclipse – cook fresh food after the Eclipse and eat it.
  5. Chant “Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu” before you drink or eat anything. Make this a daily habit.
  6. Do not commence any new projects during this time.
Rituals and Remedies

For personalized rituals and mantras that you can chant based on your own birth chart see the rituals section on the align27 app. You can also find out about the planets that are impacted in your birth chart during this Eclipse and mantras to help you align with this.

Here are some generic rituals you can do.

  1. Chant Aum Namah Shivaya as many times as you possibly can starting today. When you chant it during the Eclipse time, it is extremely powerful.
  2. Chant the mantra – Aum Som Somāya Namah to strengthen your Moon. You can start doing this few days before the Eclipse and continue for a few days after the Eclipse as well.
  3. Listen to the Sri Rudram on the Sattva Meditations and Mantras app. You can recite it or just meditate on it. 
  4. Recite, listen to or meditate on Ganesha Atharvasirsha everyday.
  5. Chant the Durga Mantra “Aum Dum Durgaye Namaha” 108 times.
  6. Meditation – this is extremely important and it will help you forge ahead in difficult and tough situations. 
  7. Honor your ancestors – Pray for them, be grateful to them and seek their blessings and help. 
  8. Donate – donation done during Eclipse times is extremely powerful and beneficial so do not limit yourself in what you can do to help people without expecting anything in return.
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