Mercury is in Retrograde, Saturn is in Retrograde and Jupiter is in Retrograde all at the same time.

To top it all off we’ve just had Venus in Retrograde, and an upcoming Lunar Eclipse this weekend on 4th/5th July, the third eclipse of a trio which began on June 5.

The planets are having a full on party in the sky – and we are invited, whether we’re in the mood to party or not.

We do have a choice however – whether to hide in a corner, wait for the party to be over and run for the door after the last track plays OR join in, have a bit of a boogie, try and appreciate the music and enjoy some party snacks while we are at it.

We’re at the party, we’ve got to stay until the end as we don’t have a ride home, so we might as well make the best use of our time here right?

Here’s a summary of what the planets are up to:

Saturn Retrograde: May 11 to September 29 – A second chance at success.

The planet of fate remains strong in its own zodiacal sign throughout this period, so despite all challenges and upheaval there is huge potential for strategic planning and success.

Jupiter Retrograde: May 14th to September 13 – Victory comes from retracing your steps.

In its retrograde phase Jupiter brings an opportunity to reassess and realign to new principles and to digest some of the experience of a topsy-turvy year.

Mercury Retrograde: June 18 to July 12 – Retrace your steps slowly.

This is a time to consider deals or chase up opportunities from the past. However it could be an intense and potentially stressful transit associated with tears and hard work. The whole Mercury Retrograde puts focus on your ideas, media and decision-making.

Sun in Ardra: Jun 21 to Jul 6 – A time of inner and outer storms.

Most of this transit is light and bubbly, but intensity may bubble up through stress or stimulus. The slightest trigger can make your eyes prickle, and an emotional storm could remove a blockage, to be followed by a symbolic inner rainbow.  It is worth paying attention to any restless desires in your life and to face them squarely. 

Sun in Punarvasu: July 5 to July 20 – A time of renewal and luxury.

The Sun’s transit here brings development of character and a desire for new knowledge and wisdom, bringing you an expansive and wide-ranging attitude, with a pursuit of philosophical truth and a desire to broaden your horizons.

Mars in Uttara Bhadrapada: June 23 to July 17 – Use your energy to create new growth.

Mars gives you a more subtle approach than its usual heads-down style, and you find ways of succeeding that avoid open confrontation. Mars is influenced through this whole transit by strict, ambitious Saturn, which gives you a long-term outlook and the stamina to see your plans through. 

Lunar Eclipse: July 4/5 – Extra power for your Guru Puja.

July 5th sees a Lunar Eclipse on the day of Guru Purnima, the Vedic occasion that honours the Dispeller of Darkness. This most auspicious Full Moon festival of the year is exact at 00:25 EST (05:25am GMT+1) when it becomes dimmed in light, and gets extra power and intensity for positive spiritual work. You may be in a more flamboyant and boisterous mood. Keep in mind this situation is an inversion of nature so your decision-making may be askew and it’s better to sleep on an idea before committing, and not take a new proposal at face value. As well as being a powerful time for spiritual work, eclipses draw up strange and turbulent emotions, so keep your feelings in perspective and don’t get too upset if you are off-centre or temporarily disconnected from the world.

The transits section on the align27 app gives you a breakdown of what all of these transits mean specifically for you. Little nuggets of what you should do and not do, how you should leverage from the transit, things to avoid and so on.

The rituals then give you bespoke rituals to do at any given time, so you can align with the transit better.

align27 is a super power in your pocket that you can refer to as your personal astro guide for every minute of the day – Astrology doesn’t get better than this! 


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