The Sun, planet of ego and self-expression, enters Sagittarius-Mula on December 16th until 29th 2022, the nakshatra associated with bare essentials and getting into the heart of the matter.

Mula’s symbol of a Root is concerned with simplicity and austerity, where you follow a cause or desire for its own sake rather than chasing fame or profit. This nakshatra’s Root theme is also ideal to ‘plant’ a new business or ambition, or study a new subject and watch your pet project grow and flourish.

Time spent out of sight is rewarding, where you can put in hours behind the scenes and come out afterwards ahead of the competition. The Sun illuminates wherever it lands, and you may receive a flash of insight in meditation or your regular routine, that cuts through all superficial business.

You can explore your specialized subject and become an expert far beyond the ordinary, where daring to be a purist pays you in satisfaction and respect. Mula is ruled by Nirrita/ Alakshmi, the devata associated with scarcity – opposite qualities to those of her elder sister Lakshmi Devi – which is said to be unfortunate for borrowing or gambling, so be careful not to over-leverage yourself.

The Shakti, or unique gift of this asterism, ‘The power to ruin and destroy’ also suggests breaking down old structures and reordering your life along new lines. In addition, dynamic Mars’s influence on the Sun through this transit gives you a restless and impulsive streak, which pays you to pause for breath and consider your next move before leaping in.

Channel your competitive drive in a positive direction and don’t be afraid to go against the flow.

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