Venus, planet of love and art, is in the gandanta zone between Jyeshta-Scorpio and Mula-Sagittarius from December 2nd to 8th 2022.

Gandanta translates to ‘knot-end’ and brings together the junction of fire and water signs, creating a mini-chasm and unstable conditions. Jyeshta-Mula gandanta is a particularly volatile and unpredictable phase, with the contrast of Scorpio’s intensity and potential for jealousy giving way to freedom-loving and adventurous Sagittarius.

Jyeshta is The Elder, where your focus is on providing protection and taking charge of a relationship, whereas Mula, The Root, takes a more detached approach based on a meeting of minds. Try to keep things simple romantically and don’t be tempted into a sudden change of heart.

Gandanta’s Knot symbolism makes a tangled web if anyone tries to be clever or crafty, and it’s better to be straightforward and wait for this moment to pass. Venus also suggests somebody close to you is behaving out of character and you have to negotiate carefully.

A momentary attraction to somebody outside your usual type is an exciting prospect, but you may end up questioning your own wisdom before moving back to more familiar territory. This is also a time to shift your creative work in new direction, and go from a personal statement to broader and more philosophical themes.

You can embrace this gandanta change consciously and make an artistic statement, but be ready for fate to have the final say. Venus in Jyeshta is intimately linked with dynamic Mars in the first half of this passage, which gives you an even more intense and desire-driven romantic style.

The release in tension is marked once Venus enters Mula by December 5th, but try not to overcompensate for the change, and if possible wait a few days before giving a commitment.

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