The Sun, planet of soul and self-expression, is in Dhanishtha from February 6th to 19th 2023, the nakshatra sitting across the zodiacal signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

This nakshatra’s name translates to Wealth and Benevolence, and its Shakti, or special power, ‘To create fame and abundance’, sees you stepping up as a performer. The Sun by transit sheds light on hidden issues, and expressing yourself gives others the courage to do the same: friends like being around your positive energy.

This transit especially illuminates issues around music and rhythm, represented by Dhanishtha’s symbol, the Drum, and favours any activity with a strong energy or pulse. You get into a groove in whatever work you do, are a great supporter of arts and good causes, and generous and giving with money, advice and emotional support.

This open attitude sees you being drawn into influential circles, where you mix with fine-quality and luxury items and investments. Dhanishtha is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, the solar gods of energy and light in Vedic mythology, which have a natural affinity with the Sun.

Public performance sees you capture attention and express the Sun’s light-giving role as the centre of the universe. Either you create music and art yourself, or pay special attention to a soundtrack or accompaniment for its special mood.

Your relationships may be complicated however, and this is a better time for focusing on yourself and ambitions, than romantic conquests or even friendly bridge-building. From February 13th, the Sun moves closely with its planetary enemy Saturn, which presents a challenge to your easy solar confidence.

Take care when dealing with authority, be punctual, and stick to the regular way of getting business done, at least for the rest of this transit.

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