Jan 8 - 14

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Sagittarius) ~ Taking pride in your ideas

Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Sagittarius with Sun, star of self-expression, from January 8th to 14th 2024.

This transit is a repeat of the recent Mercury-Sun conjunction in this sign, from December 17th to 28th, while Mercury was retrograde, and you may find a returning influence and resolution to a problem from that time.

Mercury, now in direct motion, sees a delay or complication dissolving, as all the relevant information for a decision or purchase is available to you. Sun and Mercury create Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for study, public speaking and business acumen, which you put to your advantage.

The Sun in a friendly sign favours a philosophical approach and seeing your situation from a broader point of view. Mercury, however, prefers facts and details, so you need to double-focus on the fine print in any negotiation.

Both Sun and Mercury are under the aspect of protective Jupiter, which keeps your mental spirits up in the face of criticism, and may produce an answer after a deep period of study. A flash of pure inspiration arrives and you only work out the technical side after the fact.

Try to avoid making any issue solely a matter of opinion, however. A teacher or educational authority appreciates your flair for a subject, and you can promote yourself as a knowledge-leader and mentor figure.

The Sagittarius New Moon of January 11th gives you time to reflect, and your thinking takes on a more inward and emotional quality. Meditation brings up clues and connections, and Sun-Mercury gives you the ability to express yourself and turn answers into a practical result.

Jan 8 - Feb 1

Mercury, Mars Conjunction (in Sagittarius) ~ Speak the truth fearlessly

Mercury, planet of thought, is conjunct with assertive Mars in Sagittarius from January 8th to February 1st 2024.

Take this opportunity for a burst of mental energy and to make your wishes known, where you can be up-front, and even issue your orders. There is a competitive quality to your thinking, and an argument may arise over who is first to an idea or ingenious solution.

If you’re on a deadline or a working mission, however, this window lights a fire underneath you and sees you working twice as hard. You have an intuition for people and puzzles, and get noticed for your technical and mechanical skill.

Sagittarius is a plainspoken sign, with a reputation for blunt, truthful speech, so pick your battles carefully: it’s best to have a proper outlet for your opinions, and to express them to the right person. You can complain and campaign effectively, both on your own or other people’s behalf, and make a fearless voice for a point or principle.

Take care that a frustrated or unspoken detail doesn’t come out in a rash moment, however, which creates a scene that you have to put right. Speaking too soon, or committing yourself to a position too hard can bring a reaction you have to extricate yourself from.

As Mercury and Mars both receive the supportive influence of Jupiter, you can extend yourself and venture an opinion where you would otherwise keep quiet. If somebody else exaggerates or stretches the truth, it may fall to you to put them right, and a lively debate follows around January 12th.

Jan 19 - Feb 1

Venus, Mercury Conjunction (in Sagittarius) ~ An international romantic flavour

Mercury, planet of the mind, and Venus, planet of relationship, come together in Sagittarius from January 19th to February 1st 2024.

This pair are planetary friends, which makes a good transit for harmonious speech, even though neither planet is entirely at home in Sagittarius. This sign’s open and freedom-loving quality needs you to work harder at specifics, and also at relating to people from different backgrounds and experiences.

You may take a relationship or rapport slightly for granted, only to find small details getting in the way, or an unexpected difference of opinion taking on greater proportions. You find the right words for a tricky situation, and despite Sagittarius’s reputation for candour, can intercede in a dispute and be the voice of diplomatic reason.

Strike a balance between your personal and work life, and this a good opportunity for a friendly conversation with your partner to enjoy more quality time. You can socialize to good effect and mix with a wide variety of people.

This is also a good transit for international relations, where there is a need for travel and long-distance communication. You may be studying a foreign language or culture, or simply bond with somebody over a shared love of academic or esoteric knowledge.

Embrace your willingness to explore, and you can break out of your comfort zone without disrupting your relationship and inner peace too much. Creative writing and publishing are also favoured, and writing your thoughts down is excellent therapy, as well as giving you valuable ideas to reflect back on.

January 23rd especially sees a problem solved, or a guru-figure stepping in to give you answers.

Jan 19 - Feb 5

Venus, Mars conjunction (in Sagittarius) ~ Break new romantic ground

Venus and Mars, the planets of war and peace, love and desire, come together in Sagittarius from January 19th to February 5th 2024.

This transit is a classic pairing between two planetary enemies, where you put energy into relationship, and find a middle way between action and attraction. Balance is key at a time when you are driven by desire, and you have to express both sides.

Venus begins this transit in otherworldly Mula, while Mars is in philosophical Purvashadha, and the two stars of relationship remain at different ends of Sagittarius. You are direct and passionate, but remain rational and don’t allow feelings to sweep you away completely.

Sagittarius’s curious and adventurous style has you seeking colourful and stimulating company which gives you a sense of living in a bigger world. You accept all invitations and are inspired to reach out to people, rather than sit back and wait for something to happen.

A sudden attraction can take you by surprise, especially with someone from a different country or culture, and you are in the mood to pursue the relationship. There is a competitive factor in your chase, and you take pride in your personal power and attractiveness.

Physical chemistry counts for more than mental rapport, and strong magnetism overrides romantic doubts that might arise at any other time. Be mindful of jealousy and possessiveness, and take care of being drawn as an outsider into a complex situation.

Jupiter, planet of protection and expansion, has a strong influence on this transit, however, and its freedom-loving attitude allows your partner space and time. Your openness overcomes many problems, and you can heal and forgive a past misunderstanding and move on to a new level.

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