Mercury, planet of intellect and commerce, is in the nakshatra of Mula within the sign of Sagittarius from January 7th to 20th 2024.

Mercury has gone back and forwards through this nakshatra over the last six weeks, most recently from December 16th to 28th 2023, and now in direct motion, a decision or purchase comes around again for final consideration.

If you have been waiting for information or resources to arrive, this may be your moment, and you can commit without looking back. Mula is associated with the bare essentials and getting underneath the surface, and its symbol of a Root makes you dive into the heart of a subject for its own sake.

You are a purist, who enjoys researching a specialized topic and studying to create a ground-breaking article or theory, even without prospect of reward. Mula’s Shakti, or unique gift, ‘To Ruin and Break Apart’, also sees you deconstructing your knowledge and making it simpler to digest and teach to others.

Mula is said to be unfortunate for speculation or gambling, so be careful of taking any loans, but a genuine new opportunity may also arrive. This is a good moment to ‘plant’ a future ambition or study, especially as Mercury receives the glance of benevolent Jupiter through the entire transit.

A teacher or authority is on hand to explain a difficult concept, and it’s also an excellent time for you to strike a mental rapport with a fellow student. January 18th and 19th especially give you a broader outlook, and you know an answer clearly and intuitively, and can go back and explain the technical details afterwards.

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