Ketu, the planet of escape and liberation, is in Hasta Pada Two, from July 8th to September 9th, 2024.

Hasta’s symbol of a Hand represents crafts and skills, along with an awareness of money and commerce, which balances this transit’s generally otherworldly flavour. Pada Two of this asterism relates to Taurus navamsa, the underlying chart of marriage and good fortune, whose Venus-ruled quality emphasises relationships and values.

You balance Ketu’s instinctive spirituality and escapism with a desire for comfort, security, and the finer things in life. A close personal relationship may give you this grounding, though you seek something more permanent than just salary or investments. You can monetize your intuitive gifts, perhaps in the form of practising divination or spiritual healing, where Hasta has a natural flair.

This nakshatra is linked naturally to Palmistry, the science of the Hand, though you may also branch out into more complex arts that use scientific thinking and deep research. Massage, both in giving and receiving, provides pure escapism and plays to this pada’s luxurious Venus rulership. Hasta’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’, works better when you study one subject in greater depth, so don’t attempt too much.

Ketu receiving the aspect of expansive Jupiter through this whole transit gives you a sense of grounding and confidence when you experiment and go out on a limb. Up to July 21st especially, your intuition is inspired and you have a desire to help or even rescue somebody, but don’t take this tendency too far.

Finding meaning in your work and service, and having a cause or charity to donate to helps on all levels.

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