March 8 - 14

Sun-Venus Conjunction (in Aquarius) ~ Mix with a different crowd

The light-giving Sun and Venus, planet of relationship, come together in Aquarius from March 8th to 14th 2024.

Venus is entering Aquarius in the sign in Dhanishta, while the Sun is leaving in Purva Bhadrapada, so these two planetary enemies influence each other but remain far enough apart to act in their own powerful and independent ways.

Venus is not burnt up in the Sun’s rays and retains its aura of charm and diplomacy, and you feel more friendly and generous. Aquarius is a naturally sociable and people-oriented sign, where you mix with a wide circle and enjoy characters with different interests.

The Sun gives you pride and confidence, and you like to be surrounded by interesting and influential types – it matters how people see you. You can break the ice in a new setting, or repair any crossed wires with an old friend, and you are open and ready to forgive. This is also a time to look smart and stylish, and perhaps find an unexpected romantic interest opening up by itself. 

Sun and Venus are also squeezed between assertive Mars and rebellious Rahu, which carries the risk of a misunderstanding, or social pressure coming on you from the outside. This may be a better time to venture into left-field than to fit in with a conventional crowd, and an invitation to an unusual event fits the bill perfectly.

Alternatively, you can use your peace-making skills to bring warring parties together and keep yourself out of the fight. Think long-term, and there is a karmic quality here when a chance encounter turns into a more lasting friendship.

MArch 8 - 25

Mercury, Rahu Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Open your intuition

Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, is in conjunction with Rahu, planet of desire and rebellion, in Pisces from March 8th to 25th 2024.

This pairing gives you a fascination for alternative or unusual subject-matter, where you go full-on into left-field. Rahu’s influence breaks you out of a mental rut and gives a fresh perspective, if you dare to go against accepted opinion and follow your own view.

You are drawn to the shadowy and taboo, and may be inspired by subject matter that others find dark or shocking. Mercury works unconventionally in Pisces, where its curious and questioning mentality crosses with your powers of intuition.

You have a poetic and imaginative mind and arrive at answers by a creative but not strictly rational path. Rahu gives you a sudden flash of insight that you don’t understand in the moment, yet coming at a problem from a different angle lets you arrive at a solution.

Have an intriguing conversation with a kindred spirit who is open to explore issues and go outside the usual guardrails. Mercury and Rahu are also connected with business and politics, so this is an excellent transit for doing deals and spreading your influence.

You can bring people together and understand the give-and-take needed to make get things done, as long as you don’t compromise your principles too much. A tempting business offer may come your way, but be sure to read the fine-print.

This conjunction moves into Revati after March 16th and comes together most closely on March 19th. You may have unusual plans and dreams at this point, but keep faith with a plan that you have worked on steadily and see it through to completion.

March 8 - 31

Saturn, Venus Conjunction (in Aquarius) ~ A love that lasts

Venus, planet of relating, comes together with strict, karmic Saturn in the sign of Aquarius from March 8th to 31st 2024.

These two stars appear to have very different natures, but are great planetary friends who carry the promise of a strong and lasting tie. In Aquarius, Venus-Saturn gives you an open and progressive idea of friendship, where you bond over a shared vision of the future.

An affair may arise out of business or other formal setting, and may surprise you as you work around the limitations of the moment. This could be an office romance which needs a careful balance, as you weigh up different demands and find enough time to enjoy being with someone.

Pressure of work can also take you away from your partner at this point and need you to relate long-distance for a while. Or a relationship has a fated quality and reminds you very strongly of a romance from the past, where the lesson learned is about sticking with someone and taking a long view.

In any case, you are drawn to a mature and influential partner who can also support and balance your career path. You may feel shy or reluctant to get involved at first, and Venus-Saturn makes you work harder at your attractiveness and self-image.

These planets in harmony can also see you creating a timeless, classic look, which is stylish in all weathers and signals you are someone to do business with.

This is a great transit for working on your creativity. By March 16th, Venus and Saturn are joined by direct, impulsive Mars in Aquarius, and a relationship that has taken time to build up moves quickly to another level.

March 15 - 25

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Take pride in your ideas

Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Pisces with Sun, star of self-expression, from March 15th to 25th, 2024.

This potentially powerful transit pairs the Sun’s bright assurance with Mercury’s commercial flair, and creates Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for study, public speaking and business enterprise. You have ego invested in your thinking and want full credit for your input into any venture.

Mercury is not on natural territory in Pisces, a sign which operates through inspired intuition rather than pure intellect, so you may become extra-rational for a time, just to keep balanced. This pairing are also planetary enemies, but you can channel Mercury’s visionary ability while having the solar confidence to express yourself clearly.

Sun and Mercury remain at different ends of Pisces through this transit, where they do not interfere with each other’s style. Mercury stays out of the Sun’s overpowering glare and doesn’t become paralysed by over-thinking. Instead, you communicate smartly and come across in a curious and intelligent way.

Mercury and the Sun are also hemmed between the supportive influences of Venus and Jupiter through this whole phase, which gives your ideas support and encouragement. You can experiment with a trial and error approach without worrying about the downside, and have a free hand to explore and research further.

March 19th sees you breaking out of old-fashioned thinking and going into leftfield. An insight comes to you fully-formed, without your understanding it at first, but you can work backwards to create a rational answer. You can also make a new proposition marketable with a smart sales pitch.

March 15 - April 13

Rahu, Sun Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Shine a light in the darkness

The Sun, star of self and creativity, comes together in Pisces with Rahu, the shadow planet of desire, from March 15th to April 13th.

This transit sees a clash of opposing energies, where the Sun brings light and confidence, and Rahu exaggerates a big desire or passing doubt, and tests your self-belief. In Pisces, this makes a sensitive conjunction, where an issue around faith and belief is troubling, and you seek a balance between inner worth and outer success.

Rahu’s symbolism is bound up with eclipses, the moments where the Sun is swallowed up and the ego-soul is lost or overshadowed. Manage your desires and reach your goals in a healthy and creative way, but also know when to stop – ambition can become destructive and obsessive if you lose your head.

A dazzling offer may come your way, but your task is to decide if it’s fair and ethical. Rahu exaggerates whatever it touches, and a long-held wish appears even grander and more attractive, but distorted logic may lead you to cut corners.

Powerful characters in your home or business life also stop at nothing, but think the consequences through and gently resist compromise. You can shine the Sun’s light on Rahu’s shadow and own a dark or hidden part of your nature, while making a difference in political games of power. April 5th is a pivotal moment, where you can reinvent yourself in a rebellious way, and enhance your kingship and charisma.

You may surprise or shock yourself, but it’s a liberating moment. Use the Sun’s energy to face your challenges in a heroic and head-on style, and street-smart Rahu takes care of matters in the real-world.

March 16 - 31

Mars, Venus Conjunction (in Aquarius) ~ A smart romantic strategy

Venus and Mars, the planets of war and peace, love and desire, come together in Aquarius from March 16th to 31st 2024.

This combination is a match between planetary enemies, though it gives you an affinity for relationships, where you hit the sweet spot between compromise and desire. Venus and Mars are at different ends of Aquarius throughout this transit and influence each other without being overwhelmed.

Venus is more comfortable of the two planets in this sign, and keeping a cool, easy friendship is better than giving in to impulse. Target a special person or social circle you want to join, but do it slowly and with purpose. You are aspirational but open-minded, and work on improving your look, or meeting the entry conditions of a colourful and unusual club.

You take the initiative and reach out to people rather than sit back and wait for something to happen. Stay polite and polished, however, and don’t become pushy in your chase, or you risk driving people away. Jealousy can also arise with this combination, and you need to be mindful and take care with the signals you send out.

An overwhelming physical chemistry can override your usual reserve, and lead you into a situation which blows up later. There are consequences to seeking a romantic conquest, and March 23rd sees a relationship scenario repeating, where you take a valuable lesson from recent experience.

The influence of cool, mature Saturn in Aquarius on this transit protects you against jumping in too soon, and what seems to be an obstacle to your love life may be something you are grateful for later.

March 16 - April 23

Mars, Saturn Conjunction (in Aquarius) ~ Direct your energy and drive

Mars, planet of action and energy, is in conjunction with Saturn, planet of boundaries and karma, in the sign of Aquarius from March 16th to April 23rd 2024.

This is a combination of astrology’s two major malefic (harsh-natured) stars, who are also planetary enemies, so this transit requires careful handling. You can do a lot of physical work and planning, though success takes longer than expected, and you may learn an important lesson on the way.

Saturn is strong in Aquarius, so allow its discipline and maturity to guide Mars’s natural drive, and if anything, raise your sights even higher in search of a truly impressive target. Resistance and obstacles are almost certain, whether in business or your personal life, and an element of fate also means an objection to your goal provides a useful experience.

There is also potential for a clash with authority, where somebody higher up is stubborn and controlling, and doesn’t give you space or credit.  Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated, and tread carefully not to create excess tension, or even a major confrontation in your relationships.

Deadline pressure is also a factor, where Saturn demands time and expertise, but Mars wants everything done immediately. An opportunity may arise on the fly, but complications don’t allow you to jump on board straightaway.

It’s up to you how you react and bounce back, and the critical point is April 9th to 12th, where this conjunction reaches maximum intensity. In the nakshatra of Shatabishta from March 24th to April 10th, Mars and Saturn make a great pairing for a diet or workout, if you don’t overstrain, and keeping a steady pace finds you with surprising reserves of stamina.

March 26 - April 9

Jupiter, Mercury Conjunction (in Aries) ~ Balance big vision with fine detail

Mercury, planet of thought and commerce, comes together with protective, expansive Jupiter in Aries from March 26th to April 9th 2024.

These planetary enemies remain at different ends of Aries through this transit, with Mercury in Ashwini and Jupiter in Bharani, so the pair do not interfere heavily with each other.

Mercury is all facts and precision, and Jupiter prefers revelation and philosophy, so you need to adjust between two extremes. Not everything is a matter of opinion.

At best, this conjunction gives you a direct and inspired type of communication, where you intuit the truth and work out the finer points later. Or else you do deep-dive research into a subject until your inner vision takes over and changes your whole world-view.

This moment may arrive as Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st, and you reverse your thinking in the face of new intelligence. A radical change of position is likely at this point, and it pays to wait before committing to a set view.

Your speech still has confidence and certainty, where you make a spontaneous affirmation and defy anyone to contradict you. This may lead to an entertaining debate or fiery argument, but you are also generous in your outlook and credit others for their input.

Be careful of giving or receiving any rash promise, however, and balance your instinct to believe with a ‘trust but verify’ approach. Allow yourself room to manoeuvre. Your adventurous energy benefits from a course of education, but the stress on academic detail and evidence may also cool your enthusiasm.

Your love for a subject, book or film, is infectious, and you will surely meet somebody who appreciates your sense of humour.