Mercury, planet of speech and intelligence, is in Purva Bhadrapada from March 18th, the nakshatra spanning the signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

Your thought and communication takes on a greater intensity, as Purva Bhadrapada has an association with burning and a kind of purification experience. This nakshatra’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for Inner Fire, where you purge the old and find courage and energy for new ideas and pursuits, even in moments of adversity.

Its symbols, for the front side of a funeral cot and also a two-faced person, may see you dealing with two things at once or knowing someone who thinks one thing and says another – be on the lookout for a hidden agenda.

Purva is a fierce and warrior-caste (kshatriya) asterism, which needs a task or mission to show its best qualities, and you may speak or write on behalf of a passionate cause or belief.

Mercury pushes you towards deep subject matter, or a fascination for the darker and more complex side of every issue – but even in times of stress and difficulties it’s vital to keep a sense of proportion and not become too fanatical.

The deity of this nakshatra is Ajaikapada, a form of Rudra, the Storm God, and you can clear the air with a hot debate or argument, even when an uncomfortable truth gets aired.

Especially with Mercury flanked by the fiery influence of Sun and Mars up to March 24th, you can negotiate a tricky subject and reconcile your differences with someone before moving on. You may feel out on a limb or unsupported at first, but people come around to your point of view and give you credit for sticking to your beliefs.

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