Sun, the day star and symbol of self, moves from the signs of Cancer to Leo and from the nakshatras Ashlesha to Magha, from August 13th to 20th 2024.

This double transition is the Gandanta ‘knot-end’ transit, which gives loose and un-anchored energy, where the Sun loses its power to act decisively and you end up with a fated situation beyond your personal control.  Sun shifts from sensitive, watery Cancer into its home sign of Leo, where it is strong-willed and energetic, but the crossing point may leave you feeling unsupported. The Gandanta zone sees you wanting to be proud and fiery but conditions mean you have to wait or prepare the ground before you can act.

The final pada of Ashlesha has a sensitive and emotional quality, and you may not have the necessary backing from your environment to step up and take charge. At these times it’s often better to take a meditative approach, to withdraw a little and project your intention from a deeper level. Yoga and mantra-chanting are great tools for navigating tricky passages in life and minimising your exposure to risk.

Sun itself enters Leo/Magha on August 17th, where it joins Mercury and Venus to create a dramatic and flamboyant atmosphere, with you at the centre. You may be drawn into a group project or social occasion, though it takes more organizing and effort on your part to make an event come together. It may be wise not to try to control all outcomes, but give yourself over to the moment and trust a fated outcome. What arises without thinking can sometimes work out for the best.

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