Mercury, the planet of thought and speech, is combusted by the life-giving Sun from August 12th to 29th 2024.

Combustion arises when Mercury is close to the Sun and burnt up in the solar glare, and you lose your power to communicate and think clearly. Mercury becomes literally invisible in the sky and symbolically leaves you with thoughts and opinions that ‘disappear’, as they are either not properly formed, or you feel unheard in discussion. Your communication may be confused, where your thoughts are overly subjective, or you are obsessed with an idea to no good effect.

Mercury is also retrograde through this transit, starting off close to the Sun in Cancer, before the two planets come together exactly in Leo from August 18th to 20th. This particular window brings the most powerful combustion, where a pressing issue dominates your thinking, or perhaps an overpowering personality makes you anxious and unsettled. You may want to impress somebody or feel that they have power over you.

It’s difficult to get perspective at this point and you are wrapped up in a decision, either written, academic or personal, and taking professional advice or talking to a wise friend helps you separate facts from imagination. Mercury also goes across the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs on August 22nd and 23rd, making it a doubly difficult time to reach an agreement and get your message across. In all, this transit favours careful negotiation and leaving yourself room to manoeuvre, where you are not caught out by a sudden change of events.

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