Mercury, planet of the mind, is in conjunction with the Sun in Leo from August 17th to September 17th 2023.

This extended transit includes Mercury’s retrograde phase from August 23rd to September 15th, which gives you a great opportunity for media work, striking deals and making social connections.

Starting in Uttara Phalguni, Mercury moves backwards through Leo, where it meets the Sun going forwards, between September 5th and 7th, a moment which may see a big idea or moment of inspiration coming together.

This window is also a time of pressure and even mental anxiety, but try to channel any tension into your study and communication. Though planetary enemies, Sun and Mercury have great promise when fused together, and you can rise to become a spokesperson and influencer.

You have an instinctive flair for the commercial and popular, and the sign of Leo gives you a natural sense of drama and theatre that sets your message apart.

You can shed symbolic light on a subject you may have been avoiding or simply did not know how to move forwards with, and expressing yourself openly strikes a chord with others on your level.

You are forthright and stubborn, and though committed to your ideals and not easily deflected, you may also wish to allow a little more open-mindedness. August 27th-29th may see you with some doubts in an idea or plan and you seek the advice of a professional or senior figure in your field.

You have to conform more closely to a tried-and-trusted outlook than you would like, but this is a necessary step before you can branch out and become an authority in your own right.

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