Venus, planet of love and art, moves from Pisces-Revati to Aries-Ashwini between March 9th and 14th 2023.

This is the Gandanta ‘knot-end’ between water and fire signs and also nakshatras, a double junction or ‘sandhi’ that makes this area volatile and unstable.

Venus goes from its highest degree of exaltation in Pisces on March 10th into fierier and more self-centred mode by March 12th, and your relationships go from an idealistic peak into a more impulsive and demanding style.

The desire to support and be there for your partner gives ways to a more independent romantic vision, though it’s still best to take things slowly during this sign-shift. This zodiacal space has a karmic quality that tests your intentions and demands that you keep to your ideals, despite a passing lack of support.

Going against the flow and pulling on the Gandata knot may only entangle you further and more tightly, especially with the return of an ex, or if you fall back into a pattern within a partnership that you promised to leave behind.

Revati is known for selflessness, hospitality and protection, and keeping faith with a strong, sentimental view of your loved ones has a positive, transforming effect. Ashwini by contrast, is pure fire, where you get your needs met by the quickest route, and your high romantic aims afterwards appear to be a dream.

Your good intentions may also be misunderstood or have to change suddenly, or else a partner acts out of character and you need to adjust.

This contrast is even stronger as Venus goes from its association with benefic Jupiter in Pisces to joining harsh, rebellious Rahu in Aries, and your efforts to understand and sympathize jump to the opposite extreme.

Make sure you carry people with you in any sudden change of heart.

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