Mercury, planet of thought and communication, is in Pushya within the sign of Cancer from July 9th until 16th 2023.

Pushya is a highly auspicious nakshatra for most major purposes, which gives you a generous mentality and the promise of peace, prosperity and the finest things. This asterism’s symbol of an Udder shows a nurturing, placid and generous temperament, and the promise of attracting good fortune.

You may be working or studying in an area associated with food, drink, care or hospitality, and attract an influential audience. Mercury has the ability to connect with a new and supportive circle of people, and your attention turns to security and providing for your family and loved ones. Mind-food and mental stimulation appear from the most mundane materials and your thinking is inspired, or else you even find a sympathetic boss or benefactor to support your ideas.

Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati/ Jupiter so there is also a great spiritual tendency where you explore philosophy and principles that you believe make the world go round. The Shakti of this asterism, ‘The Power to Create Spiritual Energy’, sees you creating your own belief system, with a charisma that inspires others to follow you, especially when writing and speaking. Studying goes well, and you have a deep curiosity about the world which is returned with interest.

Your wisdom is in demand, both academic or practical, and simply giving a promise sees your word being trusted and valued. The final days of this transit, July 15th to 16th, just ahead of the Cancer New Moon, gives you a sure touch in communication, where you have an intuitive understanding of what to say.

Somebody close to you appreciates your discretion and takes you into their confidence.

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