December 17 - 28

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Sagittarius) ~ Taking pride in your ideas

Mercury, planet of the mind, comes together in Sagittarius with Sun, star of self-expression, from December 17th to 28th, 2023.

This powerful transit pairs the Sun’s bright confidence with Mercury’s commercial acumen, and creates Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for study, public speaking and business enterprise. You identify closely with your thought and speech, and like to get credit for your input and problem-solving ability.

Sagittarius is a friendly sign for the Sun, but not the most natural environment for Mercury, a planet which prefers fine details and specifics. Mercury is also currently retrograde, which sees you catching up with past thinking and opportunities, and perhaps editing or improving an old idea.

A sudden mental stimulus gets you over the line with an offer or application, even in the face of delays and complications. Both Sun and Mercury receive the supportive glance of Jupiter, planet of philosophy, through this whole transit, which inspires you to think positively and sees answers come by sheer inspiration.

There’s also an international quality to your ideas, and you draw on knowledge from a different culture. You can speak confidently, on December 19th especially, based on solid facts and intuition, and a breakthrough good-news message may also arrive unexpectedly.

Strike a rapport with a teacher who appreciates your enthusiasm for a subject, and you can also promote yourself as an educator and mentor. By December 23rd, it may be useful to talk to a wise friend or family member who helps you get some perspective.

Focusing intensely on an idea also allows you to solve a persistent problem, or think around an obstacle by force of will.

December 25 - 27

Mars, Venus Conjunction (in Scorpio) ~ Be direct but keep a secret

Venus and Mars, the planets of war and peace, love and desire, come together in Scorpio on December 25th to 27th 2023.

This short transit sees a classic pairing between two planetary enemies, where you put energy into relationship, and find a middle way between action and attraction. Venus and Mars are at opposite ends of Scorpio, in different nakshatras, so their influence on each other is subtle and manageable.

In passionate Scorpio, however, you are driven strongly by desire, and react instinctively when somebody makes advances, or you are drawn magnetically to them. Venus-Mars is a transit for seeking company actively, rather than sitting around and waiting for action to happen.

An unexpected invitation may arrive and you are in the mood to accept and run with it. Though you keep your motivations subtly hidden, you secretly demand passion and an instant response, and may cool off quickly if somebody doesn’t pick up on your signals.

A sudden compelling attraction can override your usual romantic guardrails, and you are drawn into a situation you would usually keep away from. Jealousy and possessiveness may also spring up quickly in company, so be aware of your behaviour’s effect on other people.

The influence of cautious Saturn on both Venus and Mars rewards you for thinking more long-term: have a strategy in mind if you want to get closer to someone, or create a situation where you can break the ice. This transit also rewards you for keeping a secret and you can win a person over by being a confidante.

December 27 - 28

Mars, Mercury Conjunction (in Sagittarius) ~ Walk a line between openness and secrecy

Mercury, planet of thought, is conjunct with forceful, assertive Mars in Sagittarius on December 27th and 28th 2023.

This is a very short transit, though powerful, as these planetary enemies come together exactly at the first degree of Sagittarius, in the nakshatra of Mula. Take this opportunity for a burst of mental energy and to make your wishes known clearly, where you can be assertive and even issue orders.

There is a competitive quality to your thinking, and an argument may arise over who is first to an idea or solution. Sagittarius is a plainspoken sign, which can sometimes be overly blunt, so pick your battles carefully: it’s best to have definite place or outlet for your opinions.

Mula especially is more concerned with being truthful than popular, but take care that a frustrated or unspoken detail doesn’t come out in a rash moment. This is emphasized with Mercury being retrograde, where speaking too soon, or committing yourself to a position impulsively can make it hard to free yourself.

Less than 48 hours’ duration gives you little time to make the most of this transit, but if you’re on a deadline or a working mission, this window can still be effective. You have good intuition for people and puzzles, and get noticed for your problem-solving ability.

You can also complain and campaign effectively, both on your own or other people’s behalf, and make a fearless voice for a point or principle. As Mercury and Mars both receive the supportive influence of Jupiter, planet of expansion, being completely honest and transparent is the best way forward.

December 27, 2023 - January 14, 2024

Mars, Sun Conjunction (in Sagittarius) ~ Time to fight hard and fair

The Sun, planet of light and self, comes together with dynamic Mars in Sagittarius from December 27th to January 14, 2024.

These planets remain far apart in this sign, and in different nakshatras from December 30th onwards, so Mars while in Mula is not harmed by the Sun’s bright glare. Sun and Mars are also planetary friends, and Sagittarius is a friendly sign to both, where you can stretch yourself and enjoy your energy and competitive qualities.

Be careful of an overly pushy attitude, however, and it is good to have a channel for any frustration that arises. You are a willing worker, but need a space where you can operate with freedom, to avoid any tension with colleagues and authority.

This transit favours physical action and initiative, but is also favourable for opening your mental horizons and searching for knowledge. The aspect from expansive Jupiter on Sun and Mars all through this transit adds to your adventurous style and opens you up to studying and exploring.

You are fun-loving and sporting, even in an intense battle, and keep a sense of fair play without compromising yourself or biting back. You act with integrity if anyone tries to interfere in your business, and can even make peace and cooperate with a rival.

Your courage and confidence make you stand out from a crowd, but you may have to keep cool if a plan doesn’t come together immediately. This transit comes to a peak on January 11th, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, where an offer of help inspires you to take a different and challenging path.

December 28, 2023 - January 7, 2024

Mercury, Venus Conjunction (in Scorpio) ~ Use sweet speech and keep a secret

Mercury, planet of the mind, and Venus, planet of relationship, come together in Scorpio from December 28th to January 7th, 2024.

These two planetary friends are at opposite ends of Scorpio in and in different nakshatras, with Mercury in Jyeshta and Venus in Anuradha, but still carry great promise. This is a good transit for harmonious speech and smoothing over difficulties in relationship.

Though your views are fixed to the point of stubbornness, you are also charming and diplomatic, and reach out socially to draw a new crowd around you. Scorpio gives you great intensity, but you mix a passionate attitude with the ability to make friends and contacts.

You can also intercede in a dispute and be the voice of reason who knows exactly what to say at the right time. Channel your dramatic flair into creative writing, along with any craft or handiwork that uses an artistic touch, where you produce excellent work and also give yourself useful therapy.

Your speech has a secretive quality and can be super-discrete, which may endear you to someone who needs to confide or unload. Make sure you are not misunderstood – you also love to flirt – and with Mercury retrograde for half this transit, some people may take your friendly attitude more to heart than you intend.

Mercury turning direct on January 2nd is an important point, where you may need to declare your intentions openly and commit, whether you like it or not. Expect also to choose between socializing and a work obligation, and it pays to wait until after this date before making an offer or purchase.

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