Mercury, planet of intellect and commerce, is in the nakshatra of Mula within the sign of Sagittarius from December 16th to 28th 2023.

In retrograde motion, Mercury tracks back through the place it was recently, from Nov 27th to December 9th, and a decision or purchase comes around again for consideration. Don’t be too concerned about changing your mind abruptly, but only bother about making the right call.

Mula is the nakshatra associated with the bare essentials and getting underneath the surface, and its symbol of a Root makes you dive into the heart of a subject for its own sake. You enjoy researching a niche subject and studying for a startling new article or theory, even without prospect of reward.

Mula’s Shakti, or unique gift, ‘To Ruin and Break Apart’, also sees you exploding mental myths, and breaking a subject down to make it easier to communicate and teach. Mula is said to be unfortunate for borrowing, speculation or gambling, but a genuine new opportunity may also arrive during this retrograde phase.

This is a good transit to ‘plant’ a future ambition or study, though it also pays to leave the final call until after Mercury goes direct in early January. Mercury also receives the glance of benevolent Jupiter through this whole transit, which comes to maximum power around December 19th.

This is an excellent time to study philosophy or esoteric science, or turn your travel plans into a complete voyage of discovery experience.

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