Jupiter and Saturn come together in the sign of Capricorn between December 16th and 25th, reaching exact union on December 21st, which is a major generational marker for you and the world at large.

These two slow-moving planets’ cycles coincide only every 20 years, and politics, culture, fashion and business are all affected, while people born with this combination have a big say in shaping society’s attitudes. Jupiter is about expansion and good fortune and Saturn is about security and hard work, and though not outright enemies, these planets are opposites in many ways, and their conjunction brings together incompatible energies.

Do you trust to luck and hope for the best, or double down at work and prepare for the worst? Clearly a balance gives you the best of both sides, though Saturn in Capricorn is by far the stronger and more comfortable planet in this case. A serious and ambitious sign, Capricorn sees the most patient and best-prepared candidate winning, and Saturn gives you big ambitions with a readiness to work for it.

Jupiter feels uncomfortable in such a corporate and strategizing sign, though its level is lifted by Saturn being strong, so that together these two have great promise. Success may come by handling weakened Jupiter most effectively, which is to keep the faith and build on your beliefs in a practical way – talk and good intentions are not enough. The conjunction is in Uttara Ashada, the nakshatra whose Shakti, or special power, is ‘Unopposed Success’, and there is a sense of reaping the rewards of work already logged, and building on a triumph that creates a future legacy.

You may be focusing on a work-life balance, and realizing not everything is about rank and status: you want recognition for your worth, but inner values are at least as important as chasing your next promotion.

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