The Solar Eclipse on December 14th lands in Scorpio-Jyeshta (at 15:57 GMT), when the New Moon lines up with Rahu and Ketu, and the Sun, symbol of self, is overshadowed by the psychic lunar principle.

Emotion comes before Expression at this point and you may be overwhelmed by inner, subjective feelings at the expense of your outward ego identity. This moment is a great intensifier, in Scorpio especially, where your mind is overactive and teeming with impressions and maybe suspicions. Your imagination may be overactive, but with Mercury and Venus also in Scorpio at this time, your perceptions are sharp and uncanny, and you can resolve tension by communicating and talking to a trusted friend. If doubts or baseless anxieties intrude into your thinking, don’t pay too much attention, nor if a loved-one seems moody or out-of-reach.

A solar eclipse both starts your future direction and ends an old cycle, and gives a dramatic ‘line in the sand’ moment, where you symbolically break with the past. Your inner poise returns after a couple of days, when the waxing Moon reappears in the sky, and feels like the night shadows retreating as dawn comes. Take a graceful attitude to any situation or person which is ‘eclipsed’ in your life and consciously embrace a fresh career, home, love or image.  The eclipse is not auspicious for launching a project, to travel – even short-distance – or to make big decisions.

It is also not recommended to eat or go outside during the eclipse hours, nor to gaze directly at it – even assuming the eclipse is visible in your area. Meditation and spiritual work are greatly enhanced, however, and a mantra for your Ishta Devata or for Jyeshta itself gives you manifold increase in value for your efforts.
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