The Sun, star of self and creativity, is in Hasta, the nakshatra of the hand and handicraft, from September 27th to October 10th.

Hasta is also ruled by the Sun/Surya, so this planet has a clear affinity in this asterism, giving you a confident and generous nature within the humble and earthy style of Virgo. This is also a masculine, fiery, rajasic nakshatra, giving energy and passion, so take pride in your work and prove yourself to be a safe pair of hands.

Even a temporary job becomes a part of your heroic journey while your real ambitions take shape. Your eye for detail is a great asset, where you correct mistakes you missed before: craftsmanship in everything you do now is key. The Sun shines light wherever it lands, so you illuminate a new area or uncover a subject from the past.

Dealing with mundane tasks, medicine and healing, writing and teaching, and counselling and therapy are all part of your skills, with a smart commercial flair. Hasta represents an outstretched hand, showing you – or someone around you – getting their needs met, with a by-hook-or-by-crook approach.

Yet the Sun is an honourable planet, the significator of the soul and health, where you do best with open eyes and using your natural energy and charisma. A spiritual approach may also lead you to explore divination like palmistry, or perhaps astrology – an initial reading is many people’s way into this craft-science and may lead to long-term interest.

The Sun is placed with Mars, planet of action, during this whole transit, giving you a step up in energy and a competitive streak that singles out everything you do.

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