Mars, planet of action and energy, is in Purva Ashada from February 3rd to 21st 2022, the nakshatra within zodiacal Sagittarius which translates to ‘the Unconquered’.

Purva’s energy gives a feeling and aspiration for invincibility, despite occasional confrontations, and its Shakti or unique power, for Invigoration and Renewal sees you making a new start.

Apas, the mythical embodiment of water, is Purva’s ruler, which may see this element featuring more prominently in your life, as you spend time near the sea, either swimming or travelling by ship – or else you simply drink more water to stay hydrated.

This transit’s association with renewal also shows you symbolically ‘watering’ your ambitions, where Mars gives you courage and decisiveness to show your essential indestructible nature. You easily become restless and agitated, and prepare to change aspects of your life that at other times you would surrender to and accept.

Step up if anyone challenges you and relish the opportunity to prove yourself, but think carefully before launching an assault on an ambition – it could be a long campaign. Purva Ashada is an accomplished debater, so a war of words may also ensue over your philosophical beliefs, or else you become busy campaigner and crusader.

This nakshatra’s symbol is a Sieve or Winnowing Fan, which is used to separate wheat from the chaff, and you may decide it’s better to insist on the best, even if it involves more effort.  Mars travels closely alongside Venus, planet of relating, giving you energy to make a romantic breakthrough or become more assertive in your one-to-one affairs.

It’s good to be bold, especially from February 13th onwards, but prepare the scenario first and be careful of leaping in too quickly

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