Jupiter is in pada two of Purva Bhadrapada from March 16th to 30th 2022, in the Aquarius portion of this nakshatra.

Purva Bhadrapada has an association with burning and cleansing, and its Shakti, or special gift, of ‘The Power of Spiritual Fire’ shows you purging and removing old baggage before expanding your life, in tune with Jupiter’s true nature.

Purva’s symbol, the front side of a bed, also shows you shedding old attachments as much as gathering new ambitions and accessories. Pada two of this asterism relates to Taurus navamsha, the marriage and good-fortune chart, so alongside its frugal qualities this transit has a more indulgent and material Venus-ruled side, where comfort is your top priority.

Jupiter is also the planet of wealth and abundance, so you strike a balance between building up your security versus feeling free. You may find a comfortable place through business or regular salaried work, but Jupiter also values learning and teaching, where you can explore monetizing your knowledge.

Education is an investment in yourself and you value the wisdom that a guru or mentor brings, and may make a sacrifice in other areas of your life in order to study. Purva’s deity is Ajaikapada, a form of Rudra, the Storm God, which here is more of a fire-storm, showing the fierce and testing side of this nakshatra.

Jupiter is also surrounded in this transit by the harsh influences of the Sun and Mars-Saturn, so you may meet with resistance first before you can clear out your old possessions.

Inner work, yoga and meditation, are classic ways to balance this demanding energy, and achieving a peaceful feeling gives you a Venus-ruled sense of inner comfort and abundance wherever you happen to be.

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