Venus, planet love and the arts, is in Swati within the sign of Libra from October 23rd to November 3rd, 2022.

Swati is associated with subtle qualities of learning and intellect, justice and forgiveness, and Venus’s powerful position here gives you great promise. You have a natural poise and sense of fairness in relationship, where you reap the rewards of patient attention, bargaining and give-and-take.

Swati’s airy nature shows your flexible, changeable style and you are ready to compromise in love for the sake of peace – as long as you don’t over-balance and give too much away. You bring tact and diplomacy to every situation, and have the confidence to back your own aesthetic and business judgement.

This nakshatra is ruled by Vayu, the Wind God, who is connected with intelligence, knowledge and the voice, and rewards you for studying, teaching and mantra-chanting. Swati’s Shakti, or unique gift, is also ‘To Scatter Like the Wind’, which suggests sowing seeds and connecting with a wide circle of people.

Take care that you don’t spread yourself too thinly on the social front, and try to consolidate your new contacts and conquests. Be prepared to listen, too, as a friend may need to share. You can put your energy into campaigning for justice too, where your impartiality sees you as the go-to person to arbitrate a dispute, at work and at home.

Swati’s affinity with Ma Saraswati, devata of wisdom and the arts, sees your creative skills being boosted and you can begin or revive a project and express yourself in style. Venus associates with Ketu, the shadow planet of mystery and escape, peaking on November 2nd, and your intuition about a person or future event proves uncanny.

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