The Sun, planet of light and self, is in Vishakha from November 6th to 19th, where the Sun travels from its place of debilitation and picks up strength in Mars-ruled Scorpio.

You go from indecision and reliance on other people’s opinion, to courage, decisiveness, and chasing up your goals with energy. Vishakha is ruled by Indragni, a fusion of Indra, chief of the Gods, and Agni, which is Divine Fire personified, to make a Phoenix-like deity that combines emotion and mystery.

You are on a journey of discovery and are subtly remade, as the Sun’s light shines on hidden parts of your personality. This asterism’s Shakti, or unique power, ‘To Gain Many Fruits in Life’, represents an ambition that goes all-out for success, often at any price.

So, it’s smart to develop awareness of other people’s needs and feelings, and to make your relations heartfelt rather than be drawn into a business chess-game. The Sun likes to give and people respond to warmth, and working this way means people want to see you succeed.

Vishakha’s symbol of a Triumphal Arch also inspires you to great heights, but keep your will to win from becoming too ruthless – make your propositions mutually agreeable and take pleasure in the success of others.

Complete victory is subtler than simply taking the big prizes, and still leaves you with a sense of positive transformation. The influence of sober Saturn, planet of karma, on the Sun through this transit, peaking on November 11th, gives you discipline and enhances your ability to organize.

Pace yourself and prepare for a longer course to victory than you expect, but one which proves sweeter in the end.

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