Mars, planet of energy and drive, enters the nakshatra of Purva Phalguni, in the sign of Leo, on August 10th until 31st, bringing you a relaxed and spontaneous approach.

Though you have fiery ego tied up in your attitude, Purva makes you comfortable in your skin and content to take things as they come. You don’t so much plan your next move as wait for somebody to propose a course of action and see what comes out of it.

Pure impulse is Mars’s usual style, but you may lack focus in this transit, be easily bored, and fail to follow through and leave an important task incomplete. Your leisurely approach conceals an urgency under the surface, however – the Lion only springs into action when it needs to hunt, but until then conserves its energy.

Purva’s Shakti, or special power, is for ‘procreation’, so crossing your talents on a creative project gives you a sense of purpose, where you end up accomplishing twice as much with half as much effort.  The ruling devata here is Aryaman, one of the Adityas, who is known for good character and integrity, plus an interest in marital and relationship matters.

Of all things now you are most concerned about dating and relating, with a romantic chase that you allow to take you on its own course. Purva’s symbol is a hammock, which speaks to its leisurely style, but Mars cannot help being active and dynamic in a relationship, and needs to see and feel a reaction rather than simply sharing a comfortable space.

Making a romantic or professional conquest gives you instant gratification, though it’s as well to plan ahead and take notice of what the other person wants.

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