Venus, planet of art and relating, enters the nakshatra of Ardra in the sign of Gemini on June 3rd until 14th 2021.

This is an intense and emotional asterism, which is at odds with the familiar bubbly and airy Gemini image, and you and your friends and partners have a complexity that can be very deceptive. On one hand you like wit and flirtation and to keep things light, but you also have an underlying thoughtful and insightful side that appreciates what goes on behind surface appearances.

People may come to you with a problem or to have a sounding board – or else they fulfil this listening role for you. Ardra is ruled by Rudra, who is Shiva’s incarnation as the Storm God, bringing symbolic rain in the form of an emotional outburst with many tears.

Getting close to someone may require giving free rein to your feelings, and though uncomfortable in the moment, this process lets you move on afterwards with a lighter heart. Ardra’s Shakti, or unique power, is also for Hard Work, which can mean finding relationships difficult, but precisely this kind of transit also ends up bringing you and your love closer together.

This transit coincides with Mercury, planet of communication being retrograde, where Mercury and Venus are also linked by sign exchange, giving you the power to speak sweetly and play the diplomat or go-between.

You can either speak up for a cause and position yourself in the middle of warring factions, or sell yourself very effectively and know exactly what people wish to hear. Somebody from the past may also return into your life, and you are ready for an emotional reunion and to use Ardra’s depth of feeling to get full value from the encounter.

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