Sun, the day-star and symbol of self, moves through the Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone from August 13th to 20th 2022.

This ‘knot-end’ passage also forms the boundary between Ashlesha and Magha nakshatras, where the double-gap makes a loose and un-anchored transit, as the Solar principle loses its power to act decisively. You may end up with a situation beyond your personal control, or a fated and unexpected result with a karmic lesson attached.

The Sun shifts from sensitive, watery Cancer into more comfortable territory in Leo, where you have a strong-willed and energetic quality as Sun anchors into its home sign. However, while the Gandanta zone gives you a proud and fiery vision, you have to wait or prepare the ground first.

The final pada of Ashlesha sees you with a sharp and sensitive approach, but your intuitions may not be believed or acted upon by others. The Cancer-Ashlesha phase of this transit up to August 17th is especially complex, with the Sun influenced by the contrasting push-pull energy of both Jupiter and Saturn.

You seek to lead and expand, but need to wait for a project to be green-lit by authority, and find the right inner confidence. At these times it’s often better to take a meditative approach and withdraw a little to project your intention from a deeper level.

Yoga and mantra-chanting are great tools for navigating the Gandanta passage and minimizing your exposure to risk. Delaying an adventurous idea may save you time in the long run and you make any adjustment happen on your own terms. 

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