Jupiter, planet of faith and philosophy, is in Pada Four of Uttara Bhadrapada from February 8th to 24th 2023, in the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter moved slowly through this pada in July and August of last year (2022), and now returns to remind you of an inspired idea and potentially to reward you going forwards.

Perhaps you need to raise your sights, or else a program of upskilling and self-improvement has worked its magic, and you now have the right expansive belief and confidence to succeed.

Pada four of this nakshatra relates to Scorpio navamsha, the relationship and good fortune chart, which adds an intense and driven Mars-ruled quality to your quest for meaning. This underlying Scorpio side also balances any tendency to be too soft or sentimental, and sees you cutting through emotions and obstacles to get to the truth.

You can crusade for a group or belief, and be tough, even ruthless in your quest, so make sure you keep your pursuit of knowledge within bounds. The fourth nakshatra pada also relates to the Moksha or liberation tendency, and your ultimate spiritual beliefs and aspirations, which all play to Jupiter’s natural strength.

Uttara is a good-natured asterism associated with renunciation and education, known for clear speech and sharing knowledge – qualities which all sit perfectly with Jupiter’s inquiring nature. Its Shakti, or special gift, ‘Bringing the Cosmic Rain’, also enhances your Jupiterian generosity and favours growth and fertility.

Uttara’s ruler Ahirbudhnya, the serpent of the depths, also has a Scorpio-like transforming quality that sees you tapping into spiritual energy and leaving old emotional issues behind. Jupiter is squeezed between the harsh influences of Rahu and Saturn in this transit, which requires all of your confidence and generosity of spirit.

You may be facing a difficult or unusual challenge, or set out to prove doubters wrong and strike a blow for your beliefs.

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