The Solar Eclipse in Virgo arrives on October 14th in bright, creative Chitra, the first of a new round of eclipses in this sign, as the all-important eclipse symbols Rahu and Ketu prepare to move into Pisces and Virgo.

A Solar Eclipse signals a fresh start, where old conditions are cleared away, either by a deliberate decision or the intervention of fate. A plan or ambition that has faded in importance lately may be finished decisively, or else the matter is taken out of your hands.

Sudden change can be stressful, and solar eclipses especially create an intense atmosphere on the day, where you feel overwhelmed by a personal or professional concern – often out of all proportion to its importance in your life.

The eclipse’s impact may last months or even years into the future, so don’t act without thought, especially if you are coming from a restless or anxious place. You will likely see an issue quite differently after the shadowy atmosphere has passed.

This eclipse is ruled by Mercury, which is strong in Virgo and in close proximity to the Sun and Moon. You can use the power of rational thought and communication to ease yourself through the day, and keeping a clear head elevates you in a high-pressure environment.

The eclipse also falls in between the relationship planets Venus and Mars, so you may make a decisive romantic move, or clear a deadlock in a personal affair. This is not a good day for travel, business, or any major enterprise, however, but as always, the eclipse gives you many times greater value for your spiritual work and meditation.

If you are within the eclipse’s path of visibility, it’s often better to remain quietly indoors, if possible, and project your intent from a powerful inner level.

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