Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, is retrograde in Aries and Pisces from April 1st to 25th 2024, in its longest and slowest retrograde period of 2024.

The contrast of Mercury’s slow motion against the drive of impulsive Aries-Ashwini up to April 9th highlights a basic tension in this transit, where you are in a hurry to find answers while paying attention to fine details. This either keeps you one step ahead, or brings a situation where you are playing catch-up in a competitive field.

Committing yourself too quickly can mean having to adjust and backtrack, but speed of thought also sees you picking up on a second chance. You don’t waste time with regrets, but get straight back into your game. Mercury begins this transit together with philosophical Jupiter in Aries, which gives you a broader outlook and the benefit of teaching, travel or education.

After April 9th, Mercury moves into wistful, dreamy Pisces and your thinking becomes more imaginative and feeling-based. This phase also takes Mercury through the exact Gandanta zone between fire and water signs, where any new idea has an unformed and experimental quality.

Take it easy with an opinion or big decision, as Mercury retrograde has a way of throwing up a detail which only becomes important after the fact. It’s better to shop around for the best deals and prices, and to become knowledgeable about a specialized market and the fine details of delivery.

Find out which aspects of life does this Mercury retrograde influence based on your natal chart.

Mercury Retrograde Remedies

  1. Donate perfumes, books, green vegetables/fruits, camphor or green colored clothing. These items are connected to Mercury and donating them could bring the positive influence of Mercury.
  2. Lord Vishnu – the energy of sustenance is the deity of Mercury so you can honor him with the mantra – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya 11 times everyday when Mercury is in retrograde.

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