Venus, planet of art and love, is conjunct shadowy Rahu in Pisces, from April 1st to 24th 2024.

You become romantically restless and unpredictable, and seek extra stimulation from a foreign or perhaps forbidden source. Staying within usual limits seems safe and boring, and a tempting offer arises from an exotic and charismatic personality who doesn’t play by the rules. This character may appear harmless at first, but be careful of opening a box of experience that doesn’t easily close.

Venus exalted in Pisces is highly romantic and sensual, an effect which Rahu takes to another level, and you may underestimate the impact a love affair has on you. Rahu is also strongly karmic, as you fulfil your desires, and an extreme or dangerous liaison teaches you the transforming nature of attachment.

This is a combination of fantasy and illusion, where your wishes may be insatiable, and jealousy and possessiveness become overwhelming, especially around April 17th and 18th. At the extreme, one partner may become truly obsessed with the other and want to control them.

Discover which areas of your life are influenced by Venus and Rahu’s transit!

Note –  The light-giving Sun will be with Venus and Rahu until 13th April 2024.

Know where to draw a boundary, and April 5th is a good day to accept an invitation you would usually think twice about.

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