Mars, planet of action and assertion, is in Krittika between Aug 5th to Aug 27th, the nakshatra spanning the zodiacal signs of Aries and Taurus.

Krittika is represented by a Flame or Razor and its ruling deity is Agni, the personification of sacred fire. This is a warlike, rajasic nakshatra, where Mars has a natural affinity, so you go into battle for your ambitions or for a cause or campaign.

The Shakti, or special power of this asterism, ‘To Burn’ gives you a dynamic ability to burn away waste and negativity, and to purify your whole energy. Subject your ambitions to fiery scrutiny and focus on getting everything sharp and efficient, where only your plans with real substance remain.

You have scalpel-like discrimination and do well in research, where you cut through surface noise and get to the heart of the matter. Even after a purge or eliminating certain elements or relationships, you come out ahead.

Mars is the planet of action and a strong physical workout here burns energy – and weight, potentially – as you whip yourself into shape. It’s worth keeping busy to prevent your energy backing up and coming out in a difficult or unexpected way.

Krittika represents your inner fire where you absorb nutrients from food, and also from digesting knowledge and experience. Up to August 11th, Mars sits with shadowy Rahu, giving you an unusual way of doing business and an attraction to the foreign and exotic.

Staying too safe at this time may not play to your strengths, but try to pace yourself and be careful of undue risk. You have an instinctive knowledge of the real world and how to get your way, however, and if an obstacle proves stubborn through regular channels, a genius new idea points the way.

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