We recently made a few updates in the app and the one that everyone’s talking about is the deep-dive into your Birth Chart.

Available for the first time ever, we have not only gone and incorporated your basic birth chart in the app, we’ve dug deeper giving you really useful deep insights into your Self.

From your innate strengths and weaknesses, your soul’s purpose, predictions based on planets and signs in the houses and much much more, here’s what you can find:

Your Most Comprehensive Birth Chart Reading

  • Birth Chart Reading including predictions on your Personality, True Essence, External Persona, Karmic Blueprint, Bravery & Initiative, Thought & Speech Craft, Harmony & Pleasure, Optimism & Prosperity and Limitations & Challenges.⁠
  • Soul Planet Analysis including rituals and your personal ‘deity’
  • ⁠Predictions based on Houses
  • ⁠Karmas in Chakras Report
  • Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion) Analysis
  • Planets on Your Fingers

We’ve also included a MEMBER EXCLUSIVE benefit of a personalized weekly transit summary which you’ll now find in the transits section of the align27 app. This gives you a synopsis of weekly astro highlights every week as long as you’re a subscriber to the app.

If you haven’t yet got a Yearly Subscription we also have an option to buy a discounted Yearly subscription to align27 which includes the add-ons that we have in the app, saving you $85

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