What to do and what not to do – here’s your list for October.

Tap below to see personalized do’s and don’ts based on your Vedic Moon sign in your birth chart (which we calculate for you in the align27 app).

October 2 – 13
Venus in Hasta ~ Take relationships by the hand

Make peace after a disagreement, Be transparent in your relationships, even if you don’t think you’re getting the same in return, Enjoy artistic pursuits like crafts and handiwork, Think big in business to achieve big things, Be generous and supportive to those close to you.

Don’t play romantic games.

October 10 – 24
Sun in Chitra ~ Shine a light on your gifts

Discover your talent and appreciation for arts and crafts, Be on the lookout for an unexpected opportunity, Beautify your image and surroundings, Get into a practical daily routine, Be forgiving and have fun.

Don’t be too dependent on other people’s opinions.

October 13 – 23
Venus in Chitra ~ Create a new relationship

Turn heads with your style, Connect with people through a mutual interest in art and design, Aim high and do the right thing, Dress to impress, Know when to compromise and when to take the lead in a relationship.

October 14 – 22
Mercury in Hasta ~ Grab a perfect deal

Revisit recent opportunities or questions to finally reach an answer, Lookout for someone using sleight of hand to gain an advantage, Give and receive good advice, Study to get new knowledge, Explore a craft that requires clear-seeing and intelligent handling.

October 18 – December 19
Rahu in Bharani Pada 2 ~ Give birth to a new direction

Make deals and contacts, Balance a drive for desires with a practical intelligence, Pick up an idea and run with it, Take your thinking in a new direction, Eliminate an ambition fully before moving onto another, Remain open to sudden opportunities that may arise, Take the positive from all situations.

October 18 – December 19
Ketu in Swati Pada 4 ~ A vision of beauty

Stay grounded in your idealized romantic beliefs, Channel your energies into a creative path, Trust your gut instinct, Study and become a learned person, Cross off your projects one by one, Lookout for a meeting with an unusual person.

Don’t let your energy become too scattered.

October 19 – December 28
Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada Pada 1 ~ Shine a light on opportunity

Immerse yourself effectively in yoga or psychology, Leave room for other peoples’ input, Have confidence and back your own knowledge and judgement, Push through obstacles with your faith and self confidence, Refuse to be drawn into a conflict.

Don’t make everything about you.

October 22 – 30
Mercury in Chitra ~ Enliven your brilliant mind

Combine hands-on work with mental inspiration, Pursue positive and life-supporting ambitions, Shine and put your message across, Flirt and mix with new people, Have tact and insight in commercial and political worlds, Play the go-between or matchmaker.

October 23 – November 3
Venus in Swati ~ Spreading new friendship

Practise patience and give-and-take in a relationship, Be ready to compromise in love for the sake of peace, Use your confidence to back your business judgement, Study, teach and chant mantras, Be prepared to listen to a friend, Campaign for justice, Begin or revive a creative project, Pay attention to your intuition.

Don’t spread yourself too thinly socially.

October 24 – November 6
Sun in Swati ~ Shine a light on new knowledge

Act as an ambassador or go-between, Provide an impartial opinion or referee a dispute, Increase your lung capacity with fitness and yoga, Uncover a latent artistic gift.

October 30 – November 7
Mercury in Swati ~ Smart and elegant thinking

Study, teach and spread knowledge, Practice sweet, truthful speech, Remain one-pointed, Express yourself in style, Give or receive advice, Find the middle way in all controversy, Listen to everyone before committing to a position.

Don’t be drawn into diverse areas where you lose your thread.

October 25
Solar Eclipse in Swati ~ Know what you value most

Let go of any plan or property which has outlived its use, Create space in your life for something better to appear, Resist the urge to run away from your everyday routine, Practise yoga, meditation and inner work, Be ready for the unexpected in your relationship.

October 30 – November 13
Mars Retrograde in Gemini ~ Make haste slowly

Consolidate your ground before making new conquests, Be mindful of going too quickly, Give another push to a project from the recent past, Turn frustration and delay into opportunity, Keep your options open but at some point commit to a course, See your campaign through to the end.

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