Ketu, the Moon’s South Node and planet of spirituality and escape, is in Swati pada three within the sign of Libra from December 19th to February 20th.

This nakshatra is governed by Vayu, the Wind God, which is known for intelligence, knowledge and the voice, and gives you an affinity for higher thought and academic honours. Pada three of Swati relates to Aquarius in the underlying navamsha chart of marriage and good fortune, so along with Ketu’s mystical vision you have a super-idealistic way of seeing the world.

Your outlook is oriented to the future and inspired by technology, and politics in the sense of wanting to make the world a better place. This may see you joining with others of like mind and combining your talents in an avant-garde direction.

There is some adjustment between this subtle Saturn-ruled pada and Swati’s current sign placement, but between the two you can be creative in a structured and ambitious way. You combine excellent study skills and powers of memory with a grasp of the longer view, and are ready to experiment and create new boundaries and rules for living.

Swati’s Shakti, or unique gift, is ‘the power to disperse like the wind’, but try to focus your interests and don’t let your future dreams become too wide-spread.

This asterism has a natural association with Saraswati, devata of wisdom and the arts, and you can put in dedicated time towards your spiritual goals, including meditation and mantra-chanting.

The second nakshatra pada is linked to the Artha quality of security and wealth-creation, so you can also use your imagination and organizational ability to create new income streams.

Try to focus on the real-world, and a challenge in this respect – perhaps a change of job or a need to meet expenses – is a spur to raising your whole level.

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