Mercury, planet of the mind, is in Hasta nakshatra from Aug 30th – Sep 19th 2022, which includes its retrograde phase from September 10th.

Mercury moves more slowly through the first half of this transit, which allows you to concentrate fully and beam all your brainpower on a job at hand. This nakshatra is in Mercury’s own sign, where Hasta gives you a practical and earthy intelligence, rather than a pure abstract or academic mind.

Its symbol of the Hand is associated with craft and skill, along with a careful touch around money, so you can apply your talents in a smart and constructive direction. Apart from communication and education, Mercury is associated with business and commerce, where you may encounter rogues and tricksters, and this nakshatra shows potential for using sleight of hand to get ahead.

You can also take advantage of an opening or introduction, where Hasta’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’, lets you make real progress and unpack a complex issue from different angles. Benevolent Jupiter throws its influence on Mercury through this whole transit, peaking September 3rd – 4th, when positive visualization and affirmation have a decisive effect.

Hasta is linked naturally to Palmistry and other forms of divination, like Astrology, so this may be an opportunity for an in-depth consultation and a look into the future. Jupiter’s expansive influence also gives you an openness and generosity, where Hasta occasionally can be rather ‘tight-fisted’.

You combine the best of a philosophical outlook with a grasp of facts and numbers, and do excellently in all areas which need a keen eye for detail.

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