Vedic astrology offers many techniques to gain insights into one’s life, destiny, and the cosmos itself. Among these techniques is “Prashna”. A fascinating method that allows astrologers to answer specific questions using the exact positions of celestial bodies at the exact moment the question is asked.

What is Prashna in Vedic Astrology?

Prashna, also known as Horary Astrology, is the art of answering specific questions by casting a horoscope at the exact time and place the question is posed. The universe responds to our queries through the positioning of planets and stars at that moment.

The Essence of KP Prashna

KP Prashna, developed by the legendary astrologer Krishnamurti, is a highly specialized and precise system within the Prashna branch of Vedic astrology.

KP Prashna is a powerful tool in the hands of skilled astrologers, providing clear and direct answers to specific questions. Its accuracy and ability to predict timing make it a sought-after method for those seeking guidance.

However, it’s essential to remember that while KP Prashna can offer valuable insights, it’s not a replacement for a comprehensive natal chart analysis. It excels at addressing immediate concerns and queries but may not provide the same depth of understanding that a full birth chart can offer.

KP Prashna Coded into align27

While implementing the intricacies of KP Prashna into an app isn’t a simple task, we’ve taken on the task and have harnessed its power to provide answers to your most pressing inquiries with the “Assistant” feature within the align27 app.

If you have a burning question about something you can follow these simple steps to get your answer:

  1. First, download or open the align27 app.
  2. On the Homepage scroll down to the Add-On’s section and select “Edit”
  3. Select “Add” on the “Assistant” add-on (you’ll now see this on the Homepage all the time and can remove it at any time)
  4. Think about and craft your question and take a few deep breaths for clarity.
  5. Choose between Yes or No type questions or multiple-choice options.
  6. Type in your question with complete awareness.
  7. Follow the prompts presented by the Assistant feature.
  8. Receive your answers.

Please note: Avoid using this feature for health-related questions. If you seek genuine answers, you’ll receive sincere responses.

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