Jupiter is in pada four of Purva Bhadrapada from April 13th 2022, as the planet of expansion and philosophy moves into its own sign of Pisces.

Purva Bhadrapada’s Shakti, or unique gift, of ‘The Power of Spiritual Fire’ gives you the promise of purifying old knowledge after the old has been purged and scorched away. Jupiter’s wisdom-loving nature works well here with careful handling, and you can study, learn and take in new experience on a new and exciting scale.

Purva’s fourth pada relates to Cancer navamsha, the relationship and good fortune sub-chart, which is also Jupiter’s sign of exaltation, so there is double expansion and protection in this transit. Your business instincts may seem almost naïve, but an open-handed willingness to invest attracts similar energy from others and you end up further ahead.

You love knowledge for more than just academic credentials and widen your horizons in search of a genuine revelation. The underlying Moon-ruled influence of this pada sees you with a sympathetic and supportive side, which creates a positive loop that benefits you ultimately.

Jupiter’s status as planet of abundance sees you investing in yourself and supporting your family, and you are wise and giving, and people are drawn to your side for your generosity of spirit. Purva’s deity is Ajaikapada, a form of Rudra, the Storm God, so be advised there is a clearing-out process before you attract new prosperity.

This can be a harsh nakshatra if you are simply concerned with material gain, and you may also deal with people who test your spirit and give mixed messages.

Jupiter is also hemmed between the fiery influences of the Sun and Mars in this transit, so you may make an impulsive decision – think carefully before you decide which elements of your life you would like to expand.

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