Sun is in Purva Ashada from December 29th 2021 to January 11th 2022, the nakshatra which translates to ‘the Unconquered’.

Purva’s energy gives a feeling of and desire for invincibility despite frequent challenges and battles, and its Shakti or unique power, is for Invigoration and Renewal. The Sun itself represents a heroic quest, where you show courage and overcome obstacles on your path to wisdom.

In transit, the solar energy also shines a light on hidden aspects of your life, and this passage shows you facing opposition and rivalry on the way to success and illumination. You may encounter a drawn-out challenge for confidence and charisma, so think carefully before launching a pre-emptive strike, and if you have to act first, make sure you are prepared for a long campaign.

Purva Ashada is known to be a good debater, so an open argument or discussion over your beliefs may be a better way to clear the air. The symbol of a Sieve or Winnowing fan, shows separating the wheat from the chaff, so you may decide it’s better to insist on the highest first in any situation, even though this road takes longer.

Purva is ruled by Apas, the personification of water, which may play a role in your affairs at this time, as you spend time near the sea, sailing and travelling by ship, or simply swimming or having a celebratory drink. You can also symbolically ‘water’ your plans and ambitions, and decide which parts of your life you choose to improve and invest in.

The Sun moves with sociable Venus through this transit, so you are well attuned to what others think and have the ability to say and do the right thing to win friends and maintain harmony.

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