Mars, planet of action and competition, is in Sagittarius-Mula from December 27th 2023 to January 14th 2024, the nakshatra associated with bare essentials and stripping away excess.

Mula’s symbol of a Root is connected with simplicity and austerity, where you fight for a cause or ambition purely for its own sake and not ego or acclaim. Keep this principle in mind in your work, where recognition only arrives after the battle.

This nakshatra should be treated with respect, as its Shakti, or unique gift, ‘The Power to Ruin and Destroy’, may see you diving into the clearing-away stage even before new conditions come in. You can also become fanatical when crossing swords in debate, especially when you are in the right: try to remain diplomatic in the face of an opposing view.

Mula is not the best energy for borrowing or gambling, so be careful of over-extending yourself financially. It’s better to ‘plant’ a new Root of ambition, or build a project from the ground upwards and watch it grow.

Mars in a Jupiter-ruled sign and also receiving the gaze of Jupiter, sees a rush of enthusiasm, where you operate on a kind of intuitive certainty. You are in competitive mode, but play fair, with a sense of fun that loves to indulge your adventurous streak.

Exploring and uncovering new information educates you about your world, and January 11th especially gives you an injection of optimism, or some good news about a holiday or study plan. Think positively at this point and you can manifest your wishes in an inspiring way.

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