Venus, planet of love and art, is in the Gandanta zone between fire and water signs, and nakshatras, from August 28th – September 3rd 2022.

This area coves the final pada of Ashlesha through the first of Magha, and is characterized by an unstable and potentially fated quality, where your ability to make connections is limited. Relationship-wise, this phase sees you behaving in an unusual style or having a sudden attraction to somebody outside your regular type.

You switch from shy and insightful to a more upbeat and motivational mode which comes across initially as rather jarring. A partner or friend may be acting out of character and you feel tested but unable to fully control the situation.

Venus in Ashlesha is all feeling and instinct, where you tune in on a subtle level and there is a mutually hypnotic attraction to a partner. You may be operating within strict limits, or be in a relationship which tests your boundaries: Venus receives the close attention of karmic Saturn up to September 1st, and you learn a lot about living within your romantic limitations.

The sense of freedom in proud, fiery Leo-Magha is quite acute, where you feel bolder and more expressive, but are still conscious of walking a narrow line. Take it easy: if you find it difficult to change relationship styles or sense a change of mood from your partner, don’t feel under pressure to adapt immediately.

Take advantage if you are working in an artistic direction, where you appreciate the gear-shift, though may still have to wait for confirmation and outside approval.

You make a jump in business too, with your spending and expectations, and the expert advice you get might also go through a sudden switch.

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