Mercury, planet of speech and intelligence, is in Purva Bhadrapada from March 1st to 8th 2024, the nakshatra spanning the signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

Your thought and communication take on a greater intensity through Purva Bhadrapada’s association with burning and a kind of purification. This nakshatra’s Shakti, or unique gift, for Inner Fire, sees you purging the old and finding courage and energy for new ideas and pursuits, even in moments of adversity.

Its symbols, for the front side of a funeral cot and also a two-faced person, may see you managing two things at once, or dealing with someone whose real meaning isn’t clear, or may have a hidden message.

Purva is a fierce and warrior-caste (kshatriya) asterism, which needs a task or mission to show its best qualities, and you may speak or write on behalf of a cause or belief. You have a fascination for the darker and more complex side of every issue, but even in times of stress, it’s wise to keep relations diplomatic.

The deity of this nakshatra is Ajaikapada, a form of Rudra, the Storm God, and you can clear the air with a hot debate or argument, even when an uncomfortable truth gets aired. Up to March 3rd, your thinking is deep and serious, and you only speak up when you are sure you are right.

Mercury is close to Sun also in Purva Bhadrapada through this whole transit, which may limit your power to communicate clearly. If your contribution to a discussion is not being heard, save your ideas up in private and afterwards your voice will come across more strongly.

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