Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, is in Anuradha nakshatra, in the sign of Scorpio, from November 23rd to December 1st.

This transit gives you a flair for business and networking, and an intense and deep-reaching way of communicating where you are not content with superficial appearances. Anuradha is a softer and more celebratory section of tough, Mars-ruled Scorpio, and its symbol the Victory Arch creates a festive mood as you work towards a set goal.

This may be connected with writing, media or the way you speak, but this is a good time to get your message across. The Shakti, or special gift of this nakshatra is ‘To Worship’, so you also find enhanced faith and spirituality, particularly when you get behind a cause, special person or philosophy.

Anuradha is ruled by the Ashta (eight) Vasus, which in Vedic mythology show prosperity and auspicious events, so this is an excellent time to share information that furthers your ambitions and personal path.

This time is also favourable for expanding friendship in general, so you may be planning a gathering or sending invitations for business or pleasure, planning your next move ahead.

Travelling and going abroad for fun or to pursue the career dream is a possibility now, and goals which sits well with your chosen path will be rewarded.

Mercury is alongside spiritual Ketu during this whole transit, which gives you powers of intuition and excellent insight into people. Run your thinking past someone you trust first, but listen to your inner voice on any important call.

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